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The Ensemble Series – Volume 1 :: Trailer Music Info

The Ensemble Series – Volume 1

The Ensemble Series - Volume 1



Release Date:
May, 2011

Total Tracks: 133

Total Lenght: 3:12:41

Title Track
1ElectrolightKevin Rix01:17
2Escape From AlcatrazDanail Getz01:01
3Live WirePaul Dinletir01:22
4T.N.T.Kevin Rix01:06
5Cops and RobbersPaul Dinletir01:22
6The FuseKevin Rix01:20
7High CombatDanail Getz01:12
8League of TruthKevin Rix01:13
9Razor's EdgeDanail Getz00:59
10High VoltageKevin Rix01:08
11HeatseekerDanail Getz00:58
12Accountable ActionKevin Rix01:08
13ArmoredKevin Rix00:40
14HeistPaul Dinletir00:41
15Fight For PowerPaul Dinletir00:33
16Ruthless PursuitPaul Dinletir00:31
17Air RaidKevin Rix00:36
18Spyre HuntersPaul Dinletir00:34
19Full Steam AheadKevin Rix00:39
20Escape GamesPaul Dinletir00:30
21VendettaPaul Dinletir00:49
22Smashing RescuesPaul Dinletir00:34
23Smashing Rescues (No Drums)Paul Dinletir00:34
24ThunderstruckPaul Dinletir00:37
25Rocket BootsPaul Dinletir00:40
26GoKevin Rix00:37
27Battering RamPaul Dinletir00:43
28Samurai's ChargePaul Dinletir00:47
29StampedeKevin Rix00:36
30GargantuanPaul Dinletir00:36
31Jaguar PawPaul Dinletir00:32
32Drum DojoPaul Dinletir00:31
33Total RecallPaul Dinletir00:38
34Spyre Hunters (Drums)Paul Dinletir00:28
35Vendetta (Drums)Paul Dinletir00:47
36DeploymentKevin Rix01:55
37Deployment (No Choir)Kevin Rix01:56
38Double HelixDanail Getz01:55
39Long Live the KingKevin Rix01:48
40LegendDanail Getz01:28
41Legend (No Drums)Danail Getz01:28
42Commander In ChiefKevin Rix01:19
43UndercoverKevin Rix01:24
44Adjustment BureauKevin Rix01:07
45The Last OnePaul Dinletir02:38
46Back in Da LoopPaul Dinletir02:19
47Static PlanetPaul Dinletir01:00
48Freezing RainPaul Dinletir00:59
49Black OpsKevin Rix01:09
50Chemical ReactionNick Murray01:35
51Inside JobNick Murray01:28
52Morning GloryMike Patti02:19
53Photo FinishMike Patti01:50
54Conquer the MountainMike Patti01:44
55Victory LapMike Patti02:20
56Dancing on MemoriesPaul Dinletir01:52
57Dancing on Memories ( No Choir)Paul Dinletir01:52
58Animated BeautyPaul Dinletir01:09
59LifelessPaul Dinletir01:29
60Eternal YouthKevin Rix01:11
61Floating ParadisePaul Dinletir01:53
62Open HeartsPaul Dinletir01:20
63GoodnightScott Miller01:14
64StarlightScott Miller01:12
65Separate WaysScott Miller01:10
66After the RainScott Miller01:07
67Just BreatheScott Miller01:03
68Movin OnScott Miller01:09
69Life In ReverseScott Miller01:15
70New JourneyScott Miller01:05
71Hello TomorrowKenny Meriedeth, Jeff Edwards01:16
72Hardest PartKenny Meriedeth, Jeff Edwards01:18
73Shine OnKenny Meriedeth, Jeff Edwards01:29
74City NightsKenny Meriedeth, Jeff Edwards01:07
75Endless SummerKenny Meriedeth, Jeff Edwards01:24
76Get ReadyCasey Purvis, George Galayan02:50
77Fire WallKenny Meriedeth, Jeff Edwards01:04
78Fire Wall (No Vocal)Kenny Meriedeth, Jeff Edwards01:04
79Higher PlaneKenny Meriedeth, Jeff Edwards01:42
80Red Eye RompCasey Purvis, George Galayan01:19
81FlexibleScott Miller01:02
82Rock The ShowCasey Purvis, George Galayan02:32
83Tear It DownKenny Meriedeth, Jeff Edwards01:09
84Tear It Down (No Harp)Kenny Meriedeth, Jeff Edwards01:09
85Manic PanicKenny Meriedeth, Jeff Edwards01:03
86Manic Panic (No Vocal)Kenny Meriedeth, Jeff Edwards01:04
87MadhouseKenny Meriedeth, Jeff Edwards01:13
88Muscle CarKenny Meriedeth, Jeff Edwards01:06
89Closer to the EdgeKenny Meriedeth, Jeff Edwards01:00
90Closer to the Edge (No Vocals)Kenny Meriedeth, Jeff Edwards01:00
91AnthraxKenny Meriedeth, Jeff Edwards01:06
92Night SlayerKenny Meriedeth, Jeff Edwards01:05
93Night Slayer (No Vocal)Kenny Meriedeth, Jeff Edwards01:05
94Dirty WorkCasey Purvis, George Galayan02:55
95TremorsCasey Purvis, George Galayan03:10
96Run For Your LifeKenny Meriedeth, Jeff Edwards01:03
97SupersonicCasey Purvis, George Galayan02:33
98GrindstoneCasey Purvis, George Galayan02:39
99Serious FrictionPaul Dinletir00:53
100Diamond DustCasey Purvis, George Galayan02:42
101Lies BeneathCasey Purvis, George Galayan03:24
102Sunset DriveCasey Purvis, George Galayan03:28
103Eye For An EyeCasey Purvis, George Galayan02:33
104Hidden SecretsCasey Purvis, George Galayan01:51
105Another WorldScott Miller01:16
106Insane AsylumNick Murray00:51
107BurnoutNick Murray01:18
108Racer XNick Murray01:07
109CodebreakerNick Murray00:59
110PalladiumNick Murray01:26
111DriftingCasey Purvis, George Galayan02:07
112StaticCasey Purvis, George Galayan02:37
113Vapor TrailCasey Purvis, George Galayan03:54
114PressureCasey Purvis, George Galayan02:28
115NightriderCasey Purvis, George Galayan02:32
116El GuapoCasey Purvis, George Galayan03:40
117TechnicalityCasey Purvis, George Galayan02:42
118New York UndergroundNick Murray01:49
119Vice SquadCasey Purvis, George Galayan02:36
120True RedemptionCasey Purvis, George Galayan02:37
121Out Of FocusCasey Purvis, George Galayan02:34
122PushCasey Purvis, George Galayan02:35
123SpitfireCasey Purvis, George Galayan02:39
124Wiggy WiggyKenny Meriedeth, Jeff Edwards01:06
125Ukulele IslandKenny Meriedeth, Jeff Edwards01:08
126Luigi's Toy ShopKenny Meriedeth, Jeff Edwards00:56
127Funky MonkeyKenny Meriedeth, Jeff Edwards01:07
128Boogie HarpKenny Meriedeth, Jeff Edwards01:10
129Retro SpyKenny Meriedeth, Jeff Edwards01:16
130Piggly WigglyKenny Meriedeth, Jeff Edwards01:06
131Pink PoodleKenny Meriedeth, Jeff Edwards01:19
132Coffee ShopKenny Meriedeth, Jeff Edwards01:09
133South Beach SambaKenny Meriedeth, Jeff Edwards01:18