Mass Effect 2 – E3 2009 – Trailer

Sequel to the Mass Effect, the Mass Effect 2 is single player action game for the PC platform. Commander Shepard is the main character of this Mass Effect video game. He is a veteran soldier of this Action game, who becomes a Spectre agent with a mission to save humanity. Two years after the Reapers attack, Shepard joins the Cerberus, a ruthless organization for human survival. He builds the galaxy's powerful team and strongest ship to fight against the enemies in this Mass Effect 2. There are 19 different weapons in this Mass Effect video game, which lets you destroy and attack the Reapers with your choice of weapon. This game also features devastating weapons, which quickly ends up the battle with the Reapers. After undertaking the important missions, Shepard defeats Reaper Sovereign destroying villain Saren Arterius.
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Black Dawn
Machine Vandals