Maleficent – Teaser Trailer

  • Xana

    second track is KRONOS SLAMS by the same composer and compagny. The information was finaly revealed on the official website

  • Luis Volfield Xamn

    where can i buy these tracks? cant find them anywere :(

    • Trailer Music Info

      Unfortunately these tracks are not available for the public :(

      • Luis Volfield Xamn

        that sucks. this sound is awesome

  • J Money

    Can someone please post the songs on youtube? I need to be able to hear the music without all the dialogue.

    • Luis Volfield Xamn

      that would be awesome!

  • Bye Hueso

    0:50 – 1:00 Hi-Finesse “Mojave” (SFX), Album : Prelude

    Ethos is not in the album Is a prelude to.