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Meet Dark Winter Music :: Trailer Music Info


Meet Dark Winter Music

Dark Winter Music is a brand new, fresh and exciting Music Production Company! We specialize in Film Scores, Music For Motion Picture Advertising, Video Game Scores, Sound Design, Music for Television and much more! At Dark Winter we pride ourselves in orchestrating awe inspiring music from the ground up that’s sure to have your audience on the very edge of their seat. But it’s not all about being loud and in your face. At Dark Winter we understand and respect just the right artistic balance of music to picture and work closely with our clients to ensure the best possible end product. We even offer a wide range of services for constructing music exclusively for your media with our custom cues!

Genesis Baner

Tell us a bit about yourself, when did you start composing music?

Daniel: My composing career started when I was 15. I knew I wanted to be in music industry but had no idea where to get started, so I started on my own and began teaching myself and taking online classes for music programs and gradually built up my music portfolio. It took some time to get my music sounding even average but it was one of the best times of my life! Just discovering music and integrating technology into it.

Geoffrey: Well when I was a little kid I had always wanted to play an instrument and decided I’d play the piano, so I started taking lessons around 10 years old. However, I decided to stop as I was always wanting to do my own songs and the teacher wouldn’t let me, I decided to quite. A few years later I picked up the electric guitar and was very studious and learned that instrument. It then hit me, if I could teach myself one instrument I could teach myself the piano too, and that’s exactly what I did. This whole time I’ve always found different instrument sounds to be amazing and I’ve always loved soundtracks so I decided to compose music for film. At this point I didn’t know Trailer Music and Film Score were two different things, and people always told me my music would be great in the Trailer Music world, so I tried and submitted a few pieces. My first license was in some sort of Disney thing I believe around a few months after I released my first tracks. At that point it was sort of confirmation I can do this, so I stuck with it and here we are today.

How did you guys meet?

We actually met on Facebook about three years ago! We would have contact off and on and discuss various musical things off and on but never anything for long periods of time. We were always doing our own thing in a sense. We eventually started talking more and more and became pretty good friends over the past almost three years. It’s been an awesome friendship thus far!


At which point you realized that you want to start your own company, what’s the story behind Dark Winter?

Geoffrey: Well before Dark Winter I had run a company called Blood Of The Covenant, but that got really crazy after a while, because I had just started discovering a lot of new things and I had finally found my voice as a composer and wanted a brand new outlet to use it, and this is where Daniel and Dark Winter come in. Daniel, is an amazing Film Composer and it had always been a dream of mine to have a company that’d be Film Score, and Trailer Music, and Full Music Production. Daniel and I have discovered that here within the next 5 years the film industry in North Carolina is going to get very huge, and we had to be the first composers in North Carolina and make benefit of this, and that’s where Dark Winter was started.

Daniel: The only thing we hadn’t agreed upon was the name, and that is a story in and of itself! I can say it involves a scary amount of time on Skype and a long list of no-go names!


Where does your name come from?

The name originated from a organizational task force/study known as dark winter from the US government in the case of a world wide catastrophe such as a human made disease and other terrible things. We liked the sound of it.


“Genesis” is your first industry release for Dark Winter. Could you tell us a bit more about production of the album?

Geoffrey: 5 of the tracks that started Genesis were actually for a release at Blood Of The Covenant originally. However, when we decided to start Dark Winter we decided we’d use the tracks we already have and compose more to make it a total of 12 for our first release. Daniel and I split the work, and did 6 tracks each with alternate versions to each track.

Daniel: Well I can’t go into too much detail, but we used high quality cinematic and orchestral samples and a state of the art software mixing program that really allows us to elicit complete control over the audial development. I will say, however we do not use any kind of “pitched” orchestral loop library samples. Any and all orchestral instruments have been meticulously programmed and professionally gone over. I, personally, feel like the “templated” approach in terms of looping material really detracts and harms the creativity of the composer and limits the impact of the work.

Geoffrey: At the end of the day Genesis will speak for itself, but I truly believe that it was a great love child birthed from our company *laughs*.


Where do you get your inspiration?

Geoffrey: I am a Christian so I will say most of my inspiration came out of the beauty of this world, and all the things that I believe God has made for us to marvel at. Whether it be the stars or the sky, or even the world spinning on it’s axis. I would also get inspiration from things such as past relationships *the more powerful, mean songs*, or love, or my friendships and all sorts of things. When I write I honestly don’t write for trailers in mind, it just sort of amazes me that my tracks still fit into trailers.

Daniel: Short answer: everywhere.
Long answer: I really like to get out and experience all genres and types of music. As an artist I respect all types and genres of music even though I may not like it. I’m always on the hunt to incorporate inspiration I find from various sources into my own work being very careful not to infringe on the original artists’ work.


What’s in the near future for you?

Geoffrey: Well as a company Daniel and I will obviously make more Trailer Music albums and releases. We’re actually working on two right now, one huge synth/distorted sounding release that’ll be extremely bombastic, and a Royalty Free release for YouTuber’s and such. We will also be getting into scoring work here very soon, and that’ll include things like Documentaries, Games, TV Shows and we’re working our way into eventually scoring feature length blockbuster films.

Daniel: I see myself entering in a very exciting time in my life. I can’t say with a hundred percent accuracy what the future holds but I plan to expand dark winter into a successful media company. We want to put a few films under our belt as well. I definitely do! That’s my element! As dark winter grows one of our main missions and underlying ideologies is to incorporate new technologies that could benefit our creative process and ultimately our final product and output. That means thinking about and developing several new technologies that I can’t go into much detail here, but are extremely exciting.


Any last words?

Geoffrey: I would just like to say thank you first of all to Trailer Music Info for wanting to do this interview with us, and secondly the fans for actually loving our stuff this much early on to want this! I would also love to say thank you to God for everything he’s given me, and my Mom and Dad for supporting me this far and putting up for my loud music at 3 am, and all of my friends who’ve supported me. Ken, Christina, Joseph, you all know who you are. Thank you all so much!

We also thank you!


For licensing information please contact Dark Winter. Genesis is not available for the general public. YouTubeSourceAudio, Facebook