Thomas Bergersen

Full Name:
Thomas Jacob Bergersen
July 4, 1980
Place of Birth:
Trondheim, Norway
Known Albums:
24 (recent: Into Darkness - Single)
Known Public Releases:
7 (recent: Into Darkness - Single)
Known Credits:
43 (recent: Call of Duty: Ghosts…)

Best-selling composer Thomas Bergersen was born and raised in Trondheim, Norway. By the age of 6 it was obvious that Thomas had little interest in playing existing music, but would rather come up with something himself, much to the dismay of his piano teacher. Fast forward some decades and Thomas’ compositions have been featured in some of the biggest motion picture campaigns in the world, such as Avatar, Pirates of the Caribbean, Twilight, Narnia, Harry Potter, Da Vinci Code, The Mummy, The Dark Knight and 100s more.

Year Artwork Album Name Type
2014 Into Darkness - Single Into Darkness - Single Public Release
2013 Sun (temporary artwork) Sun In Development
2013 Classics, Vol. 1 Classics, Vol. 1 Public Release
2012 SkyWorld SkyWorld Public Release
2012 Halloween Halloween Public Release
2012 Two Steps from Heaven Two Steps from Heaven Non-Public
2011 Nero Nero Non-Public
2011 Archangel Archangel Public Release
2011 Illusions Illusions Public Release
2011 Balls to the Wall Balls to the Wall Non-Public
2010 All Drones Go to Hell All Drones Go to Hell Non-Public
2010 Illumina Illumina Non-Public
2010 Invincible Invincible Public Release
2010 Power of Darkness Power of Darkness Non-Public
2009 The Devil Wears Nada The Devil Wears Nada Non-Public
2008 Ashes Ashes Non-Public
2008 Legend Legend Non-Public
2008 Dreams & Imaginations Dreams & Imaginations Non-Public
2007 All Drums Go To Hell All Drums Go To Hell Non-Public
2007 Dynasty Dynasty Non-Public
2007 Pathogen Pathogen Non-Public
2007 Nemesis Nemesis Non-Public
2006 Shadows And Nightmares Shadows And Nightmares Non-Public
2006 Two Steps From Hell - Volume 1 Two Steps From Hell - Volume 1 Non-Public