Nick Phoenix

Nick Phoenix
Place of Birth:
Known Albums:
21 (recent: Speed of Sound)
Known Public Releases:
6 (recent: Speed of Sound)
Known Credits:
18 (recent: Game Of Thrones -…)
Year Artwork Album Name Type
2013 Speed of Sound Speed of Sound Public Release
2013 Classics, Vol. 1 Classics, Vol. 1 Public Release
2012 SkyWorld SkyWorld Public Release
2012 Halloween Halloween Public Release
2011 Nero Nero Non-Public
2011 Archangel Archangel Public Release
2011 Balls to the Wall Balls to the Wall Non-Public
2010 All Drones Go to Hell All Drones Go to Hell Non-Public
2010 Illumina Illumina Non-Public
2010 Invincible Invincible Public Release
2010 Power of Darkness Power of Darkness Non-Public
2009 The Devil Wears Nada The Devil Wears Nada Non-Public
2008 Ashes Ashes Non-Public
2008 Legend Legend Non-Public
2008 Dreams & Imaginations Dreams & Imaginations Non-Public
2007 All Drums Go To Hell All Drums Go To Hell Non-Public
2007 Dynasty Dynasty Non-Public
2007 Pathogen Pathogen Non-Public
2007 Nemesis Nemesis Non-Public
2006 Shadows And Nightmares Shadows And Nightmares Non-Public
2006 Two Steps From Hell - Volume 1 Two Steps From Hell - Volume 1 Non-Public