Michael David Nielsen

Full Name:
Michael David Nielsen
Place of Birth:
Known Albums:
5 (recent: Full Tilt Saga)
Known Public Releases:
1 (recent: Full Tilt Saga)
Known Credits:
33 (recent: Assassin's Creed III: Liberation…)

Michael David Nielsen is a composer and producer for motion picture advertising, video games, television, and records. His music appears regularly on the big screen as the sonic propulsion to some of Hollywood’s biggest movie trailers, including Avatar, Clash of the Titans, Twilight: New Moon and Nightmare on Elmstreet.

In addition to writing and producing Full Tilt trailer music, Michael, with partner and co-composer Kaveh Cohen, have finished scoring the award winning video game Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction.

Year Artwork Album Name Type
2013 Full Tilt Saga Full Tilt Saga Public Release
2013 Revolution Genesis Revolution Genesis Non-Public
2012 Revolution Zero Revolution Zero Non-Public
Tools of the Trade 1 Tools of the Trade 1 Non-Public
Tools of the Trade 2 Tools of the Trade 2 Non-Public