Twisted Jukebox

Twisted Jukebox
London, United Kingdom
Known Albums:
38 (recent: Masterpieces Modernised)
Known Public Releases:
1 (recent: Extremis)
Known Credits:

Written by team of experienced composers and successful musicians, the Twisted Jukebox Production Music library includes professionally produced music tailored specifically for advertising campaigns, film & gaming trailers, TV promos, TV programmes, sports highlights and everything else in between.

Year Artwork Album Name Type
2013 Masterpieces Modernised Masterpieces Modernised Non-Public
2013 Sparks Sparks Non-Public
2013 Elegance Elegance Non-Public
2013 Extremis Extremis Public Release
2013 Twisted Mind Twisted Mind Non-Public
2013 Sleeping Giants Sleeping Giants Non-Public
2013 Electric Love Electric Love Non-Public
2013 Whimsically Eccentric Whimsically Eccentric Non-Public
2013 Together Together Non-Public
2012 Particles Particles Non-Public
2012 Blue Skies Blue Skies Non-Public
2012 Glimmer Glimmer Non-Public
2012 Black & White Black & White Non-Public
2012 Enchanted World Enchanted World Non-Public
2012 Aspire Aspire Non-Public
2012 Rumble Rumble Non-Public
2012 Sunny Days Sunny Days Non-Public
2012 In the Shadows In the Shadows Non-Public
2012 Moments Moments Non-Public
We Are All Gods We Are All Gods Non-Public
Fear Boutique Fear Boutique Non-Public
Underworld Underworld Non-Public
The Story The Story Non-Public
Industrial Dance Industrial Dance Non-Public
Natural World Natural World Non-Public
Flight Flight Non-Public
Rage Rage Non-Public
Conquer Conquer Non-Public
Hopes & Dreams Hopes & Dreams Non-Public
Wild Earth Wild Earth Non-Public
The Journey The Journey Non-Public
Indie Rock & Roll for Me Indie Rock & Roll for Me Non-Public
Twisted Beds & Drones Twisted Beds & Drones Non-Public
Theatre of Dreams Theatre of Dreams Non-Public
Valiant Valiant Non-Public
Blood and Glory Blood and Glory Non-Public
Bloc Rocker Bloc Rocker Non-Public

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