Must Save Jane

Must Save Jane
January, 2013
Anton Hiscock, Caspar Kedros, Scott Doran
London, United Kingdom
Los Angeles, USA
Known Albums:
8 (recent: Ethereal Supernova)
Known Credits:

Must Save Jane is a team of composers, producers, engineers and agents who are out to rescue the world of motion picture advertising with an eclectic library of jaw dropping music cues!
With 20 + years of experience and a roster of talent including hit recording artists and award winning producers, we are your go-to team of musical specialists!
Based in London and Los Angeles, this team is ready to attend to your musical desires around the clock. we welcome any challenge, big or small, so come on…let us save you too!

Year Artwork Album Name Type
2014 Ethereal Supernova Ethereal Supernova Non-Public
2013 True Magic True Magic Non-Public
2013 Gigantic Hybrid Trailers Gigantic Hybrid Trailers Non-Public
2013 The Wesson-Dooley Drones The Wesson-Dooley Drones Non-Public
2013 Fantasy Adventure Fantasy Adventure Non-Public
2013 Cinematic Drones Cinematic Drones Non-Public
2013 Explosive Drums Explosive Drums Non-Public
2013 Epic Orchestral Hybrid Epic Orchestral Hybrid Non-Public

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