Liquid Cinema

Cinematic Themes And Inspirations
Santa Monica, California, United States
Known Albums:
9 (recent: Cinematic Themes And Inspirations)
Known Public Releases:
9 (recent: Cinematic Themes And Inspirations)
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1 (recent: Tomb Raider - Reborn…)

Over three years in the making, this is the some of the best produced, least generic music made for trailers, scores, promos, commercials, and underscores. Produced by award-winning film composer Jeff Rona, Liquid Cinema brings together some of today's best composers, songwriters, artists and producers, performed with live orchestra, singers, drummers, and the top instrumentalists around. The result is a sound as big as the movies.

Year Artwork Album Name Type
2011 Cinematic Themes And Inspirations Cinematic Themes And Inspirations Public Release
2011 Cinematic Action Thriller Cinematic Action Thriller Public Release
2011 Cinematic Drumming Cinematic Drumming Public Release
2010 Cinematic Family Adventure Cinematic Family Adventure Public Release
2010 Cinematic Contemporary Action Cinematic Contemporary Action Public Release
2010 Cinematic Hip-Hop Cinematic Hip-Hop Public Release
2010 Cinematic Action & Adventure Cinematic Action & Adventure Public Release
2010 Cinematic Emotions & Drama Cinematic Emotions & Drama Public Release
2010 Cinematic Apocalypse Cinematic Apocalypse Public Release