Fired Earth Music

Legends of Time
Known Albums:
20 (recent: Legends of Time)
Known Public Releases:
15 (recent: Legacy)
Known Credits:
3 (recent: Transformers: Rise of the…)

Fired Earth Music is a trailer music label established in Los Angeles in 2009. Exploding onto the motion picture advertising scene, the label quickly became an unstoppable force, with debut album VULCANO achieving licenses for major blockbusters including Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, and Peter Weir's The Way Back. Latest credits include The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Next Three Days, Prince of Persia, I Am Number Four and many more.

Year Artwork Album Name Type
2014 Legends of Time Legends of Time Non-Public
2013 The Game The Game Non-Public
2013 Vesuvius Vesuvius Non-Public
2013 Legacy Legacy Public Release
2013 Amplified Amplified Non-Public
2013 Zeitgeist Zeitgeist Non-Public
2013 Heroes Heroes Public Release
2012 Bad Boy Trailer Bad Boy Trailer Public Release
2012 Dark Urban Epics Dark Urban Epics Public Release
2012 Nailed Nailed Public Release
2012 Immortality Immortality Public Release
2012 Olympians Olympians Public Release
2011 Spirited Spirited Public Release
2011 Ultimatum Ultimatum Public Release
2011 Vulcano Vulcano Public Release
2011 Bellitas Bellitas Public Release
2011 Cyanite Cyanite Public Release
2011 Soundesign Vol. 1 - Sci-Fi, Dark Heroes & Thriller Soundesign Vol. 1 - Sci-Fi, Dark Heroes & Thriller Public Release
2011 Man Of Steel - Remixed EP Man Of Steel - Remixed EP Public Release
2010 Fantazium Fantazium Public Release