Brickwall Audio

Cataclysm Vol. 3 - Kingdom
Erik Ekholm
Known Albums:
12 (recent: Cataclysm Vol. 3 - Kingdom)
Known Public Releases:
12 (recent: Cataclysm Vol. 3 - Kingdom)
Known Credits:

Brickwall Audio’s music is featured on television and cinematic trailers and the sample libraries are used in a number of big budget productions of film and games trailers and full soundtracks. Brickwall Audio is published in 25+ countries.

Year Artwork Album Name Type
2013 Cataclysm Vol. 3 - Kingdom Cataclysm Vol. 3 - Kingdom Public Release
2013 Rex Inferos Rex Inferos Public Release
2012 Epic Trailer Impact 2 Epic Trailer Impact 2 Public Release
2012 Best of Epic Music Best of Epic Music Public Release
2011 Nuclear Trailer Tools Nuclear Trailer Tools Public Release
2011 Opus Nova - EP Opus Nova - EP Public Release
2011 Cataclysm Vol. 2 - Power Cataclysm Vol. 2 - Power Public Release
2010 Beyond Forever Beyond Forever Public Release
2010 Industrial Mayhem Industrial Mayhem Public Release
2010 Dark Energy ( Epic Vocal Mix ) Dark Energy ( Epic Vocal Mix ) Public Release
2010 Cataclysm Vol. 1 - Heroes Cataclysm Vol. 1 - Heroes Public Release
2009 Epic Trailer Impact Epic Trailer Impact Public Release

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