The Futurist
Dan Diaz
Los Angeles, California, United States
Known Albums:
6 (recent: The Futurist)
Known Public Releases:
2 (recent: Anti-Hero Volume 3)
Known Credits:
1 (recent: Vikings: Season One -…)

Anti-Hero is a high-end music library for motion picture and video game advertising that has released 6 exciting albums of carefully-crafted trailer music and 2 collections of sound design elements since launching in early 2010. Our music and sound design has been featured in trailers such as "The Avengers" and "Iron Man 3" from Marvel, "The Mortal Instruments" from Sony, "Call Of Duty Elite" from Activision, "The Killer Inside Me", from IFC Films, "The Grey" from Open Road Films, and "Apollo 18" from The Weinstein Company.

Year Artwork Album Name Type
2013 The Futurist The Futurist Non-Public
2012 Anti-Hero Volume 5 Anti-Hero Volume 5 Non-Public
2012 Anti-Hero: Evolution Anti-Hero: Evolution Non-Public
2011 Anti-Hero Volume 3 Anti-Hero Volume 3 Public Release
2011 Anti-Hero Volume 2 Anti-Hero Volume 2 Non-Public
2010 Anti-Hero Volume 1 Anti-Hero Volume 1 Public Release