White Light Trailers

White Light Trailers




Release Date:
December 02, 2009

Total Tracks: 27

Total Lenght: 41:06

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Track Title
1Eternal MysteriesPatrick Thomas Hawes1:26
2Perfect DreamPatrick Thomas Hawes1:33
3Silver StreamPatrick Thomas Hawes1:38
4Eyes WidePatrick Thomas Hawes1:28
5Glimpse of HeavenPatrick Thomas Hawes1:45
6Heaven SentPatrick Thomas Hawes1:17
7Astra NovaPatrick Thomas Hawes1:50
8Healing LightPatrick Thomas Hawes1:31
9MoonlitPatrick Thomas Hawes1:42
10A World BeyondPatrick Thomas Hawes1:16
11SeraphimPatrick Thomas Hawes1:40
12Waters of MysteryPatrick Thomas Hawes1:04
13White LightPatrick Thomas Hawes1:29
14ShadowlandPatrick Thomas Hawes1:39
15Empty HorizonPatrick Thomas Hawes1:40
16ForebodingPatrick Thomas Hawes1:30
17State of PlayPatrick Thomas Hawes1:30
18MexicoPatrick Thomas Hawes1:29
19Forgotten PlacesPatrick Thomas Hawes1:36
20Low DownPatrick Thomas Hawes1:29
21Eastern MysteryPatrick Thomas Hawes1:39
22Rain ForestPatrick Thomas Hawes1:23
23River of DreamsPatrick Thomas Hawes1:28
24Night SkyPatrick Thomas Hawes1:21
25Desert TrailPatrick Thomas Hawes1:31
26Sun-kissedPatrick Thomas Hawes1:37
27Deep WatersPatrick Thomas Hawes1:35

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