Viking Warriors from Outer Space

Viking Warriors from Outer Space



Release Date:
December 05, 2013

Total Tracks: 26

Total Lenght: 59:36

MP3 Download

Track Title
1ExtremisEpic North2:24
2VertigoEpic North2:24
3The New KingEpic North1:40
4LegionEpic North1:58
5Black StarEpic North2:50
6Cyber VikingEpic North2:40
7RebellionEpic North2:10
8InterceptorEpic North2:30
9BattlescarsEpic North3:00
10OnslaughtEpic North1:36
11GunmetalEpic North2:30
12Save This WorldEpic North1:30
13Iron WarriorsEpic North2:02
14VanguardEpic North2:33
15SupernovaEpic North2:56
16RiseEpic North1:50
17TiberiusEpic North2:37
18EclipseEpic North2:00
19EvadeEpic North1:55
20The Wild GiantEpic North2:31
21The Void CallsEpic North3:01
22War MachineEpic North2:01
23Monsters from the DeepEpic North2:27
24OdinEpic North1:25
25EliminatorEpic North1:14
26This Is the FutureEpic North3:52

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