Tree of Life

Tree of Life



Release Date:
July 16, 2013

Total Tracks: 26

Total Lenght: 1:01:27

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Track Title
1Above and BeyondPaul Dinletir02:53
2Tree of LifeKevin Rix02:03
3An Unfinished LifeDanail Getz02:05
4Breaking ThroughJeff Marsh01:20
5EquinoxPaul Dinletir02:27
6The Fire WithinKevin Rix02:27
7Life ChroniclesKevin Rix02:26
8Solstice SunDanail Getz02:20
9The TruthPaul Dinletir03:24
10HomecomingJeff Marsh03:14
11ApotheosisKevin Rix02:47
12Turning PointJohn A Graves02:54
13RebirthKevin Rix02:18
14Age of InnocenceDanail Getz02:30
15Hallowed DawnKevin Rix01:59
16Hope and GloryPaul Dinletir02:10
17The New WorldJeff Marsh02:03
18Ashes to AshesKevin Rix01:41
19Cry FreedomJeff Marsh02:35
20Day OneSteffan Michael Koch02:05
21The Great UnknownKevin Rix01:54
22Remember the TitansJohn A Graves02:18
23Across the HorizonJohn A Graves02:25
24The Legend BeginsSteffan Michael Koch02:20
25Leaving the NestJohn A Graves02:13
26Final HopePaul Dinletir02:36

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