Trailerhead: Triumph

Trailerhead: Triumph



Release Date:
November 06, 2012

Total Tracks: 21

Total Lenght: 1:09:18

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Track Title
1Destiny of the ChosenImmediate Music04:16
2Journey to GloryImmediate Music02:42
3Tales of the Electric RomeoImmediate Music03:59
4Battle for the Soul of the UniverseImmediate Music02:48
5Ode to PowerImmediate Music03:14
6State of Endless GraceImmediate Music03:15
7Falling SkiesImmediate Music03:09
8Rex ImperiumImmediate Music04:25
9Tears of BloodImmediate Music02:42
10A Nation BornImmediate Music02:27
11Burden of AtlasImmediate Music04:53
12How to Control the DreamImmediate Music04:39
13IncensusImmediate Music02:05
14MercurialImmediate Music04:14
15ExcaliburImmediate Music02:15
16Ageless EmpiresImmediate Music02:48
17Sanctus ImmortaleImmediate Music03:33
18Pandora’s HeavenImmediate Music03:23
19Rex Imperium RepriseImmediate Music02:18
20The Lords Shall RuleImmediate Music03:07
21Novus ArcanaImmediate Music03:06

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