This Is Trailer

Track Title
1The Dark KnightVeigar Margeirsson1:03
2Mission ControlMark Ashworth1:57
3Dark CreatureVeigar Margeirsson2:06
4Drummers of GodDan Graham1:58
5FirestormDan Graham1:01
6Ancient WarriorVeigar Margeirsson1:03
7Battle Draws NearPatrick Thomas Hawes1:29
8Ancient HeroesRichard Allen Harvey1:50
9The Time Has ComeTerry Devine-King1:01
10Fight for Your LifePatrick Thomas Hawes1:35
11Valiant WarriorDan Graham2:45
12Machines from HellJohn Shoto David Buckley2:53
13ParanoiaJohn Shoto David Buckley2:27
14The CornfieldToo Many Funerals1:54
15The Last DaysToo Many Funerals1:59
16The EndBill Connor2:05
17Haunted FairytalesDan Graham2:10
18Ice PursuitDan Graham1:30
19Toy ParadeBill Connor2:56
20Sorcerer's DanceBill Connor2:15
21World of DreamsPaul Reeves2:45
22The Grand VoyageDan Graham2:09
23Young WizardBill Connor3:05
24Dark FantasyDan Graham1:54
25Happy Ever AfterPaul Reeves2:18