The Dawn

The Dawn



Release Date:
November 01, 2011

Total Tracks: 33

Total Lenght: 1:21:26

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Track Title
1The DawnTroels Brun Folmann2:08
2The OriginTroels Brun Folmann2:50
3Don't Leave MeTroels Brun Folmann2:22
4Jamais VuTroels Brun Folmann3:02
5Castles Of The SunTroels Brun Folmann1:54
6The Secret ColorTroels Brun Folmann3:07
7I Lived The LifeTroels Brun Folmann3:28
8Cross BreedTroels Brun Folmann1:55
9Lights Of Los AngelesTroels Brun Folmann2:44
10The Dark PrinceTroels Brun Folmann2:10
11Blood MoonTroels Brun Folmann0:54
12Blood SunTroels Brun Folmann0:49
13Travelling SunsTroels Brun Folmann4:02
14Just ImagineTroels Brun Folmann2:33
15Land of IceTroels Brun Folmann2:55
16MephistoTroels Brun Folmann2:40
17Out Of TimeTroels Brun Folmann1:01
18OvertakenTroels Brun Folmann2:56
19SchizophreniaTroels Brun Folmann2:47
20Storm Of BulletsTroels Brun Folmann2:35
21They Were RightTroels Brun Folmann2:03
22Caught In MetalTroels Brun Folmann1:19
23Two PeopleTroels Brun Folmann2:39
24The Dawn (no Groove)Troels Brun Folmann2:08
25Castles Of The Sun (no Choir)Troels Brun Folmann1:54
26I Lived The Life (no Choir)Troels Brun Folmann3:28
27The Secret Color (no Choir)Troels Brun Folmann3:07
28Lights Of Los Angeles (no Choir)Troels Brun Folmann2:44
29The Dark Prince (no Groove)Troels Brun Folmann2:10
30Just Imagine (no Choir)Troels Brun Folmann2:33
31Land Of Ice (no Choir)Troels Brun Folmann2:55
32Overtaken (no Choir)Troels Brun Folmann2:56
33Two People (no Choir)Troels Brun Folmann2:38