Strength To Believe – ES029

Strength To Believe - ES029



Release Date:
February 05, 2014

Total Tracks: 27

Total Lenght: 1:04:36

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Track Title
1Tower FallDaniel James2:08
2The ProtectorsDaniel James2:42
3MalukahDaniel James2:51
4Hostile ActionDaniel James1:22
5Building SmasherDaniel James2:29
6Unbreakable WillDaniel James1:50
7Strength to BelieveDaniel James2:04
8We Cannot Be BrokenDaniel James1:57
9Phantom PainDaniel James2:48
10Fall of Mother BaseDaniel James2:21
11Out for BloodDaniel James2:27
12Enemy in Our SightsDaniel James3:22
13Taken by ForceDaniel James2:17
14Crash LanderDaniel James2:40
15Gloria SonusDaniel James2:37
16Tower Fall (No Vocals)Daniel James2:08
17The Protectors (No Vocals)Daniel James2:42
18Malukah (No Vocals)Daniel James2:51
19Unbreakable Will (No Vocals)Daniel James1:50
20Strength to Believe (No Vocals)Daniel James2:04
21We Cannot Be Broken (No Vocals)Daniel James1:57
22Phantom Pain (No Vocals)Daniel James2:48
23Fall of Mother Base (No Vocals)Daniel James2:21
24Out for Blood (No Vocals)Daniel James2:26
25Taken by Force (No Vocals)Daniel James2:17
26Crash Lander (No Vocals)Daniel James2:40
27Gloria Sonus (No Vocals)Daniel James2:37

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