Position Music – Orchestral Series Vol. 2

Position Music - Orchestral Series Vol. 2



Release Date:
May 25, 2007

Total Tracks: 34

Total Lenght: 54:50

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Track Title
1TrinityJames Dooley03:11
2At All CostsJames Dooley01:13
3Of Catastrophic ProportionsJames Dooley01:19
4Hold the Line...Fire At WillJames Dooley02:30
5Ultimate ContestJames Dooley01:09
6Dark MarchJames Dooley02:38
7ArrivalJames Dooley00:53
8ArisingJames Dooley01:53
9VanquishJames Dooley00:56
10RampageJames Dooley01:54
11Continued ExistenceJames Dooley01:08
12CatacombJames Dooley01:06
13ProphecyJames Dooley02:01
14CardiacJames Dooley00:24
15MenaceJames Dooley01:56
16Tribal AdrenalineJames Dooley01:00
17TitanJames Dooley01:45
18Killer On the LooseJames Dooley02:05
19Trinity (Inst.)James Dooley03:10
20At All Costs (Inst.)James Dooley01:13
21Of Catastrophic Proportions (Inst.)James Dooley01:19
22Hold the Line...Fire At Will (Inst.)James Dooley02:29
23Ultimate Contest (Inst.)James Dooley01:08
24Dark March (Inst.)James Dooley02:38
25Arrival (Inst.)James Dooley00:53
26Arising (Inst.)James Dooley01:53
27Vanquish (Inst.)James Dooley00:56
28Rampage (Inst.)James Dooley01:54
29Continued Existence (Inst.)James Dooley01:07
30Catacomb (Inst.)James Dooley01:05
31Prophecy (Inst.)James Dooley02:02
32Cardiac (Inst.)James Dooley00:23
33Menace (Inst.)James Dooley01:55
34Titan (Inst.)James Dooley01:44

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