Music for the Body in the Bathtub

Music for the Body in the Bathtub


Release Date:
March 01, 2011

Total Tracks: 23

Total Lenght: 1:14:12

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Track Title
1TakenKerry Muzzey3:16
2Exit WoundKerry Muzzey2:07
3The Vicar, The Knife & The Choice Kerry Muzzey4:17
4Metastasis, Cure (With Choir) Kerry Muzzey4:23
5Metastasis, Cure (Instrumental Only) Kerry Muzzey4:23
6Worth LivingKerry Muzzey2:45
7EviscerationKerry Muzzey3:11
8SkinKerry Muzzey2:46
9Carving the Perfect SmileKerry Muzzey2:46
10Man on LedgeKerry Muzzey6:16
11The Long Road HomeKerry Muzzey2:41
12MissingKerry Muzzey4:40
13We Found Your BoyKerry Muzzey2:53
14The Sting of LossKerry Muzzey4:43
15ScannersKerry Muzzey1:38
16ViciousKerry Muzzey1:03
17More ViciousKerry Muzzey1:09
18Most ViciousKerry Muzzey1:07
19Everything Went QuietKerry Muzzey4:37
20303Kerry Muzzey3:39
21Life in Slow MotionKerry Muzzey2:56
22The Profound Beauty of It AllKerry Muzzey2:52
23I Am AliveKerry Muzzey4:04

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