Massive Rocktronica

Massive Rocktronica



Release Date:

Total Tracks: 24

Total Lenght: 46:02

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Track Title
1Depths Of DestructionChris Haigh01:59
2All Is Not LostChris Haigh01:58
3Stand And FightChris Haigh01:39
4New Power RisesChris Haigh01:48
5World In FlamesChris Haigh01:56
6Brutal ForceChris Haigh02:07
7Aggressive StrikeChris Haigh01:54
8When Cities BurnChris Haigh01:52
9Tears Of FireChris Haigh02:02
10Global DevastationChris Haigh02:12
11Apocalyptic AftermathChris Haigh01:51
12From Darkness Comes LightChris Haigh01:43
13Depths Of Destruction - With ChoirChris Haigh01:59
14All Is Not Lost - With ChoirChris Haigh01:58
15Stand And Fight - With ChoirChris Haigh01:39
16New Power Rises - With ChoirChris Haigh01:48
17World In Flames - With ChoirChris Haigh01:56
18Brutal Force - With ChoirChris Haigh02:07
19Aggressive Strike - With ChoirChris Haigh01:54
20When Cities Burn - With ChoirChris Haigh01:52
21Tears Of Fire - With ChoirChris Haigh02:02
22Global Devastation - With ChoirChris Haigh02:12
23Apocalyptic Aftermath - With ChoirChris Haigh01:51
24From Darkness Comes Light - With ChoirChris Haigh01:43

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