Trailer Music 2

Trailer Music 2


Release Date:
September 08, 2009

Total Tracks: 26

Total Lenght: 1:02:56

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Track Title
1Bernini's AngelsKerry Muzzey4:09
2If Dante Had WingsKerry Muzzey2:34
3If Dante Had Wings (With Choir)Kerry Muzzey2:35
4A Champion RisesKerry Muzzey2:46
5Tehran Is BurningKerry Muzzey2:30
6Architect of the MindKerry Muzzey4:55
7Velociraptor (With Choir)Kerry Muzzey2:23
8Velociraptor (Short Version)Kerry Muzzey1:26
9The MentalistKerry Muzzey1:40
10Fight NightKerry Muzzey2:01
11Bullet to the BrainKerry Muzzey2:24
12Doomsday ScenarioKerry Muzzey1:52
13CloudjumperKerry Muzzey1:36
14Hollow ManKerry Muzzey3:00
15Miss Olive Rosemary LoafKerry Muzzey2:51
16Open WaterKerry Muzzey2:22
17PB&JKerry Muzzey2:20
18Light At the End of the TunnelKerry Muzzey5:56
19TsunamiKerry Muzzey0:57
20Tsunami (With Choir)Kerry Muzzey0:56
21AssassinationKerry Muzzey0:59
22RumbleKerry Muzzey2:00
23The Beauty of ScienceKerry Muzzey2:15
24The Bermuda TriangleKerry Muzzey1:40
25Mango TangoKerry Muzzey2:22
26Losers Finally WinKerry Muzzey2:27

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