Journey Beyond the Sky – ES028

Journey Beyond the Sky - ES028



Release Date:
February 05, 2014

Total Tracks: 24

Total Lenght: 56:34

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Track Title
1Ride to GloryAaron Sapp2:13
2Their Fight Is Our FightAaron Sapp2:14
3Flight of FreedomAaron Sapp1:56
4A Hero Rides With UsAaron Sapp2:08
5Journey Beyond the SkyGabriel Shadid2:38
6Legends RememberedAaron Sapp2:53
7Destiny and HonorAaron Sapp1:46
8Tech WarGabriel Shadid3:00
9Our Time Is NowAaron Sapp2:25
10Proven ValorAaron Sapp2:02
11Warriors to the EndAaron Sapp2:27
12Hope RisesGabriel Shadid2:35
13Ride to Glory (No Vocals)Aaron Sapp2:13
14Their Fight Is Our Fight (No Vocals)Aaron Sapp2:14
15Flight of Freedom (No Vocals)Aaron Sapp1:56
16A Hero Rides With Us (No Vocals)Aaron Sapp2:08
17Journey Beyond the Sky (No Vocals)Gabriel Shadid2:38
18Legends Remembered (No Vocals)Aaron Sapp2:53
19Destiny and Honor (No Vocals)Aaron Sapp1:46
20Tech War (No Vocals)Gabriel Shadid3:00
21Our Time Is Now (No Vocals)Aaron Sapp2:25
22Proven Valor (No Vocals)Aaron Sapp2:02
23Warriors to the End (No Vocals)Aaron Sapp2:27
24Hope Rises (No Vocals)Gabriel Shadid2:35