Epic Action & Adventure Vol. 14

Epic Action & Adventure Vol. 14



Release Date:
December 12, 2012

Total Tracks: 28

Total Lenght: 1:11:53

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Track Title
1Prepare for the OnslaughtEdward Bradshaw04:16
2Grinding It OutAleksandar Dimitrijevic01:56
3Waiting for GodsTarek Mansur04:07
4Give 'Em HellAlex Pfeffer03:01
5Nothing Can Stop Us NowDaniel James Dicks02:19
6Crash the Last BarrierAleksandar Dimitrijevic01:55
7Emerge from the DarknessEdward Bradshaw02:04
8Legacy of VictoryAleksandar Dimitrijevic02:13
9Damned for EternityTarek Mansur02:58
10Dedicated to the CauseAleksandar Dimitrijevic02:29
11Ready for the FightAleksandar Dimitrijevic02:16
12We're All That's LeftAleksandar Dimitrijevic02:13
13Hell Rains DownAleksandar Dimitrijevic02:19
14The Final ActAleksandar Dimitrijevic01:52
15Prepare for the Onslaught (No Vocals)Edward Bradshaw04:13
16Grinding It Out (No Vocals)Aleksandar Dimitrijevic01:56
17Waiting for Gods (No Vocals)Tarek Mansur04:07
18Give 'Em Hell (No Vocals)Alex Pfeffer03:01
19Nothing Can Stop Us Now (No Vocals)Daniel James Dicks02:19
20Crash the Last Barrier (No Vocals)Aleksandar Dimitrijevic01:55
21Emerge from the Darkness (No Vocals)Edward Bradshaw02:04
22Legacy of Victory (No Vocals)Aleksandar Dimitrijevic02:13
23Damned for Eternity (No Vocals)Tarek Mansur02:58
24Dedicated to the Cause (No Vocals)Aleksandar Dimitrijevic02:29
25Ready for the Fight (No Vocals)Aleksandar Dimitrijevic02:16
26We're All That's Left (No Vocals)Aleksandar Dimitrijevic02:13
27Hell Rains Down (No Vocals)Aleksandar Dimitrijevic02:19
28The Final Act (No Vocals)Aleksandar Dimitrijevic01:52