Epic Action & Adventure Vol. 12

Epic Action & Adventure Vol. 12



Release Date:
December 12, 2012

Total Tracks: 26

Total Lenght: 1:13:23

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Track Title
1My Soul Can FlyGabriel Shadid04:26
2Will to SurviveGabriel Shadid03:15
3Something to Believe InGabriel Shadid04:26
4Grit and GloryGabriel Shadid02:12
5Hero in Our MidstGabriel Shadid02:46
6Once in a LifetimeGabriel Shadid03:21
7Strength in NumbersGabriel Shadid02:37
8Rush to BattleGabriel Shadid02:09
9The Meaning of HonorGabriel Shadid02:14
10The ChallengerGabriel Shadid01:58
11Climb the MountainGabriel Shadid02:12
12Brute Force AttackGabriel Shadid02:36
13Requiem ImmortaleGabriel Shadid02:30
14My Soul Can Fly (No Vocals)Gabriel Shadid04:26
15Will to Survive (No Vocals)Gabriel Shadid03:15
16Something to Believe in (No Vocals)Gabriel Shadid04:26
17Grit and Glory (No Vocals)Gabriel Shadid02:11
18Hero in Our Midst (No Vocals)Gabriel Shadid02:46
19Once in a Lifetime (No Vocals)Gabriel Shadid03:21
20Strength in Numbers (No Vocals)Gabriel Shadid02:37
21Rush to Battle (No Vocals)Gabriel Shadid02:09
22The Meaning of Honor (No Vocals)Gabriel Shadid02:13
23The Challenger (No Vocals)Gabriel Shadid01:58
24Climb the Mountain (No Vocals)Gabriel Shadid02:12
25Brute Force Attack (No Vocals)Gabriel Shadid02:36
26Requiem Immortale (No Vocals)Gabriel Shadid02:31