Epic Action & Adventure Vol. 10

Epic Action & Adventure Vol. 10



Release Date:
November 09, 2011

Total Tracks: 30

Total Lenght: 1:05:27

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Track Title
1Nothing Can Keep Me AwayAleksandar Dimitrijevic2:06
2You Were Born for ThisAaron James Sapp2:17
3Proud HeritageAleksandar Dimitrijevic2:00
4Leader of ArmiesTarek Mansur2:12
5We Have PrevailedAleksandar Dimitrijevic2:16
6Ours Is a Just CauseAleksandar Dimitrijevic1:41
71000 Year BattleTarek Mansur2:44
8The Enemy Is ComingEdward Bradshaw2:15
9We Shall Rise AgainAaron James Sapp2:34
10Fight to the EndAleksandar Dimitrijevic2:05
11Hold Your GroundAleksandar Dimitrijevic1:40
12Glory to Those Who FightAleksandar Dimitrijevic2:07
13Repel ThemAleksandar Dimitrijevic1:32
14Ninth DimensionTarek Mansur3:10
15Blood PactAleksandar Dimitrijevic2:06
16Nothing Can Keep Me Away (No Vocals)Aleksandar Dimitrijevic2:06
17You Were Born for This (No Vocals)Aaron James Sapp2:17
18Proud Heritage (No Vocals)Aleksandar Dimitrijevic1:59
19Leader of Armies (No Vocals)Tarek Mansur2:12
20We Have Prevailed (No Vocals)Aleksandar Dimitrijevic2:16
21Ours Is a Just Cause (No Vocals)Aleksandar Dimitrijevic1:41
221000 Year Battle (No Vocals)Tarek Mansur2:45
23The Enemy Is Coming (No Vocals)Edward Bradshaw2:15
24We Shall Rise Again (No Vocals)Aaron James Sapp2:32
25Fight to the End (No Vocals)Aleksandar Dimitrijevic2:04
26Hold Your Ground (No Vocals)Aleksandar Dimitrijevic1:40
27Glory to Those Who Fight (No Vocals)Aleksandar Dimitrijevic2:07
28Repel Them (No Vocals)Aleksandar Dimitrijevic1:32
29Ninth Dimension (No Vocals)Tarek Mansur3:10
30Blood Pact (No Vocals)Aleksandar Dimitrijevic2:06