Dawning Promise

Dawning Promise



Release Date:
October 08, 2013

Total Tracks: 20

Total Lenght: 48:06

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Track Title
1A Legacy UncoveredFrederik Wiedmann2:28
2A Mighty ForceFrederik Wiedmann2:53
3Dawning PromisesFrederik Wiedmann2:30
4Origins UnveiledFrederik Wiedmann2:20
5The Protector PreparesFrederik Wiedmann2:21
6Hero to the HelplessFrederik Wiedmann2:31
7The Eye of the OracleFrederik Wiedmann2:22
8In Shining DefianceFrederik Wiedmann2:26
9Devising Dangerous DesignsNathan Matthew David2:31
10Rise of the RenegadeAlex Tenner2:30
11Rewarding RadianceFrederik Wiedmann2:25
12The Burden of a BlessingFrederik Wiedmann2:15
13When Dusk Turns DarkFrederik Wiedmann2:30
14Quick Burning WickFrederik Wiedmann2:30
15Fluid CommotionGareth Coker2:30
16The Clock Strikes RebellionFrederik Wiedmann2:20
17Over CenturiesFrederik Wiedmann1:56
18Eternal HonorFrederik Wiedmann2:21
19Visions of GrandeurFrederik Wiedmann2:17
20Purity Shall PrevailFrederik Wiedmann2:10