Critical Mass Volume 1: Armageddon

Critical Mass Volume 1: Armageddon



Release Date:
May 03, 2011

Total Tracks: 19

Total Lenght: 41:27

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Track Title
1Queen's BreachJosh Mobley2:12
2Blazing Speed Josh Mobley1:41
3Bridge To Broken Water (RB Mix)Josh Mobley2:34
4Bridge To Broken Water (TE Mix)Josh Mobley2:29
5The Bucket FistJosh Mobley2:19
6DarkstarJosh Mobley2:07
7FatalJosh Mobley2:07
8The Epic VictorJosh Mobley2:19
9My Aim Is TrueJosh Mobley2:36
10Night BreakerJosh Mobley1:38
11Boss FightJosh Mobley1:53
12Sabbath Moon (RB Mix)Josh Mobley2:27
13Sabbath Moon (TE Mix)Josh Mobley2:26
14Crash (RB Mix)Josh Mobley2:31
15Crash (TE Mix)Josh Mobley2:25
16The Last VictoryJosh Mobley2:29
17This Isn't A Game (RB Mix)Josh Mobley1:48
18This Isn't A Game (TE Mix)Josh Mobley1:43
19My Life In PiecesJosh Mobley1:43

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