Cinematic Apocalypse

Cinematic Apocalypse



Release Date:
July 02, 2010

Total Tracks: 20

Total Lenght: 27:04

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Track Title
1Out of TimeKyle Morgan Robertson1:35
2RisingDavid Travis Edwards1:48
3The Dark ForestDavid Travis Edwards1:46
4Dark NightKyle Morgan Robertson1:39
5Battle of Good and EvilDavid Travis Edwards1:46
6Pirate's CoveDavid Travis Edwards1:39
7At The GatesDavid Travis Edwards1:45
8GloriaTakeshi Furukawa2:19
9From Darkness Unto LightDavid Travis Edwards2:13
10Battle for GloryDavid Travis Edwards1:52
11The Great EscapeTakeshi Furukawa1:52
12Another WorldDavid Travis Edwards1:18
13The ClashWilliam Keith Meyers0:59
14The LineKyle Morgan Robertson0:43
15Don't Look BackDavid Travis Edwards0:34
16On The RooftopsDavid Travis Edwards0:39
17CountdownDavid Travis Edwards0:42
18Lose ThemDavid Travis Edwards0:42
19AssassinDavid Travis Edwards0:39
20Break-InDavid Travis Edwards0:34

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