Choral Trailers

Choral Trailers



Release Date:
November 15, 2008

Total Tracks: 35

Total Lenght: 1:02:02

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Track Title
1Carmina's ChoirStephen James Edwards1:57
2Carmina's ChoirStephen James Edwards1:57
3Carmina's ChoirStephen James Edwards1:46
5Voices of Da VinciStephen James Edwards1:55
6Voices of Da VinciStephen James Edwards1:53
7Voices of Da VinciStephen James Edwards1:38
9Chant of the DevilStephen James Edwards2:32
10Chant of the DevilStephen James Edwards2:30
11Chant of the DevilStephen James Edwards2:11
12Dante's AnthemStephen James Edwards1:29
13Dante's AnthemStephen James Edwards1:28
14Dante's AnthemStephen James Edwards1:21
16Dante's AnthemStephen James Edwards1:19
17Dante's AnthemStephen James Edwards1:18
18Dante's AnthemStephen James Edwards1:13
20Evil HymnStephen James Edwards1:21
21Evil HymnStephen James Edwards1:21
22Evil HymnStephen James Edwards1:15
23DiabolusStephen James Edwards1:32
24DiabolusStephen James Edwards1:28
25DiabolusStephen James Edwards1:33
26Choral EpicStephen James Edwards2:02
27Choral EpicStephen James Edwards2:02
28Choral EpicStephen James Edwards1:27
30Chorus of AngelsStephen James Edwards2:47
31Chorus of AngelsStephen James Edwards2:48
32Chorus of AngelsStephen James Edwards1:57
34Sensuous VoicesStephen James Edwards2:07
35Sensuous VoicesStephen James Edwards2:06
36Sensuous VoicesStephen James Edwards1:51
37Spooky Choral MoansStephen James Edwards1:40
38Spooky Choral MoansStephen James Edwards1:23
39Spooky Choral MoansStephen James Edwards1:15
40Dark Mysterious Choir (A)Stephen James Edwards1:07
41Dark Mysterious Choir (B)Stephen James Edwards2:33

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