Blaze of Glory – ES030

Blaze of Glory - ES030



Release Date:
February 05, 2014

Total Tracks: 30

Total Lenght: 1:12:57

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Track Title
1Blaze of GloryEdward Bradshaw2:33
2Rescue RidersAlex Pfeffer2:59
3High Seas TreasonAleksandar Dimitrijevic2:10
4Your Place in HistoryAlex Pfeffer2:45
5Our Flame Shall EndureEdward Bradshaw2:19
6Victorious RideAleksandar Dimitrijevic1:57
7Plunge into DarknessTarek Mansur1:44
8Strength from PainAlex Pfeffer3:03
9Untamable BeastTarek Mansur4:10
10No HesitationAleksandar Dimitrijevic1:52
11Among the ImmortalsTarek Mansur2:30
12Quest for TruthAleksandar Dimitrijevic1:50
13Ruthless QueenAleksandar Dimitrijevic1:48
14Eternal Shadow FallsTarek Mansur3:02
15Trumped up ChargesAleksandar Dimitrijevic1:46
16Blaze of Glory (No Vocals)Edward Bradshaw2:33
17Rescue Riders (No Vocals)Alex Pfeffer2:59
18High Seas Treason (No Vocals)Aleksandar Dimitrijevic2:10
19Your Place in History (No Vocals)Alex Pfeffer2:45
20Our Flame Shall Endure (No Vocals)Edward Bradshaw2:19
21Victorious Ride (No Vocals)Aleksandar Dimitrijevic1:57
22Plunge into Darkness (No Vocals)Tarek Mansur1:44
23Strength from Pain (No Vocals)Alex Pfeffer3:03
24Untamable Beast (No Vocals)Tarek Mansur4:10
25No Hesitation (No Vocals)Aleksandar Dimitrijevic1:52
26Among the Immortals (No Vocals)Tarek Mansur2:31
27Quest for Truth (No Vocals)Aleksandar Dimitrijevic1:50
28Ruthless Queen (No Vocals)Aleksandar Dimitrijevic1:48
29Eternal Shadow Falls (No Vocals)Tarek Mansur3:02
30Trumped up Charges (No Vocals)Aleksandar Dimitrijevic1:46