Age of the Fallen

Age of the Fallen


Release Date:
January 09, 2013

Total Tracks: 20

Total Lenght: 1:17:47

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Track Title
1Guardians Of LightPhil Rey4:49
2Age Of The FallenPhil Rey3:59
3A Bridge To CrossPhil Rey2:13
4Glorious SwordsPhil Rey2:48
5Forgotten KingdomPhil Rey4:25
6Born To ConquerPhil Rey3:42
7A Lonely JourneyPhil Rey2:54
8The Heart Of A BravePhil Rey3:40
9WarhorsesPhil Rey3:38
10OutcastPhil Rey3:33
11Defender Of LibertyPhil Rey3:24
12A New WorldPhil Rey2:57
13Creatures Of The OtherworldPhil Rey3:15
14Raised From The AshesPhil Rey4:12
15Dance With DeathPhil Rey3:26
16The Valley Of Gods And HeroesPhil Rey5:33
17Lady Of AvalonPhil Rey6:08
18Dragon'S EarthPhil Rey3:58
19Even Angels Can FallPhil Rey3:52
20Space TrooperPhil Rey5:21

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