Action/Thriller 3 – Film Trailer Music

Action/Thriller 3 - Film Trailer Music



Release Date:
March 21, 2009

Total Tracks: 20

Total Lenght: 34:48

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Track Title
1FantasiaLorenzo Piggici1:16
2Final ChallengeLorenzo Piggici1:30
3Lightning StrikesJochen Flach1:34
4Quest For GloryJochen Flach1:12
5Forces Of DarknessJochen Flach1:27
6Speed ForceLorenzo Piggici1:31
7Fly Into RageLorenzo Piggici1:33
8One ShotLorenzo Piggici1:31
9Voices From HellLorenzo Piggici1:56
10Lost HeroJochen Flach1:34
11ImminenceLorenzo Piggici1:59
12Best Of AllJochen Flach2:02
13Path Of EnlightenmentJochen Flach2:30
14Search For JusticeJochen Flach1:29
15Faced With RuinJochen Flach2:03
16Stairway To DoomJochen Flach1:47
17Will To SurviveJochen Flach1:59
18Immortal LifeLorenzo Piggici1:56
19Supreme RevengeLorenzo Piggici2:07
20Dream Of GloryLorenzo Piggici1:52

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