Water, Earth & Fire

Water, Earth & Fire



Release Date:

Total Tracks: 30

Total Lenght: 1:15:05

Track Title
1Journey To The Magical KingdomArmen Hambar03:15
2Miracle Of FlightArmen Hambar02:04
3The Magic ForestArmen Hambar02:18
4Dreamscapes And WishesArmen Hambar02:55
5The Swashbuckler And Fair MaidenArmen Hambar01:50
6Water, Earth And FireArmen Hambar02:35
7The Divine TruthArmen Hambar02:40
8Battle Of BabylonArmen Hambar03:30
9Until Justice PrevailsArmen Hambar02:23
10The Epic AssassinArmen Hambar02:35
11Wrath Of The GodsArmen Hambar02:32
12Gothic MessiahArmen Hambar02:29
13Heart Of FuryArmen Hambar02:00
14Turning Of The TidesArmen Hambar02:12
15A Prayer For HumanityArmen Hambar02:15
Track Title
1Journey To The Magical Kingdom (No Choir)Armen Hambar03:15
2Miracle Of Flight (No Choir)Armen Hambar02:04
3The Magic Forest (No Choir)Armen Hambar02:18
4Dreamscapes And Wishes (No Choir)Armen Hambar02:54
5The Swashbuckler And Fair Maiden (No Choir)Armen Hambar01:50
6Water, Earth And Fire (No Choir)Armen Hambar02:35
7The Divine Truth (No Choir)Armen Hambar02:40
8Battle Of Babylon (No Choir)Armen Hambar03:30
9Until Justice Prevails (No Choir)Armen Hambar02:23
10The Epic Assassin (No Choir)Armen Hambar02:35
11Wrath Of The Gods (No Choir)Armen Hambar02:32
12Gothic Messiah (No Choir)Armen Hambar02:29
13Heart Of Fury (No Choir)Armen Hambar02:00
14Turning Of The Tides (No Choir)Armen Hambar02:12
15A Prayer For Humanity (No Choir)Armen Hambar02:15