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Two Steps From Hell – Volume 1 :: Trailer Music Info

Two Steps From Hell – Volume 1

Two Steps From Hell - Volume 1



Release Date:
February 14, 2006

Total Tracks: 99

Total Lenght: 2:02:25

Track Title
1Super Strength  Nick Phoenix02:01
2Super Strength 2  Nick Phoenix02:01
3Super Strength orc  Nick Phoenix02:01
4Two Steps From Hell  Thomas Bergersen01:35
5Two Steps From Hell orc  Thomas Bergersen01:33
6From The Abyss  Thomas Bergersen02:21
7From The Abyss orc  Thomas Bergersen02:21
8Bigger Than Kong  Nick Phoenix01:56
9The Legend Of Aramis  Thomas Bergersen02:24
10The Summoning  Nick Phoenix01:51
11The Summoning orc  Nick Phoenix01:50
12Battle Of Dark Vs Light  Thomas Bergersen03:54
13Born Of Ash  Nick Phoenix02:36
14Born Of Ash orc  Nick Phoenix02:36
15Interceptors Duel  Thomas Bergersen01:47
16North Country  Nick Phoenix01:40
17North Country orc  Nick Phoenix01:40
18Rise Of Evil  Thomas Bergersen01:56
19Rise Of Evil orc  Thomas Bergersen01:57
20Bloodlust  Thomas Bergersen01:46
21Bloodlust orc  Thomas Bergersen01:45
22Spirit Of Death  Thomas Bergersen01:17
23Spirit Of Death orc  Thomas Bergersen01:19
24The Descending Storm  Nick Phoenix02:07
25The Descending Storm orc  Nick Phoenix02:09
26Necromantics  Thomas Bergersen01:39
27Souls Feast  Thomas Bergersen00:29
28Over The Pass  Thomas Bergersen01:52
29Over The Pass orc  Thomas Bergersen01:53
30City Of Malice  Nick Phoenix01:14
31Birth Of Power  Nick Phoenix01:12
32Birth Of Power orc  Nick Phoenix01:09
33Dominius  Thomas Bergersen01:02
34Dominius orc  Thomas Bergersen01:02
35Dawn Of War  Thomas Bergersen02:19
Track Title
1Black Winged Messenger  Thomas Bergersen02:06
2Lord Of Chaos  Thomas Bergersen01:41
3Unfolding Armies  Nick Phoenix01:42
4Unfolding Armies orc  Nick Phoenix01:42
5Extinction Level Event  Nick Phoenix01:25
6Extinction Level Event orc  Nick Phoenix01:23
7Peacekeepers  Nick Phoenix00:59
8Peacekeepers orc  Nick Phoenix00:59
9Temple Of Damnation  Thomas Bergersen02:06
10Temple Of Damnation orc  Thomas Bergersen02:07
11Cursed!  Thomas Bergersen00:46
12Front Line  Nick Phoenix01:29
13Front Line orc  Nick Phoenix01:29
14Catch 666  Thomas Bergersen02:28
15Horrors And Enchantments  Thomas Bergersen03:11
16Evil Supremacy  Nick Phoenix00:58
17Exodus  Thomas Bergersen01:36
18Exodus orc  Thomas Bergersen01:36
19Crimson Death  Thomas Bergersen03:57
20Fistfulla Drums  Nick Phoenix01:03
21Fatespinner Drums  Thomas Bergersen01:11
22Tsunamis Risismus  Nick Phoenix00:51
23Two Steps From Heaven  Thomas Bergersen01:35
24Fireflies  Thomas Bergersen01:01
25Across Continents  Nick Phoenix01:48
26Return To Base  Thomas Bergersen02:31
27Captain Universe  Thomas Bergersen01:52
28Protector Of The Skies  Nick Phoenix01:54
29Battle At Sea  Thomas Bergersen01:59
30Chronicles Of A Hero  Thomas Bergersen03:29
31Adventures Of Enchantment  Thomas Bergersen04:28
Track Title
1Breath Of Cold Air  Thomas Bergersen00:04:27
2Life Of A Legend  Nick Phoenix00:01:40
3Secrets In Blood  Nick Phoenix00:02:11
4Secrets In Blood orc  Nick Phoenix00:02:13
5Prophecies  Thomas Bergersen00:01:10
6Prophecies orc  Thomas Bergersen00:01:10
7Season Of Fate  Nick Phoenix00:01:41
8Undying Faith  Thomas Bergersen00:03:43
9Straw Man  Nick Phoenix00:01:07
10Guns And Oil  Thomas Bergersen00:04:20
11Trafficking  Thomas Bergersen00:02:32
12Trafficking orc  Thomas Bergersen00:02:32
13Eternal Conflict  Nick Phoenix00:01:15
14Eternal Conflict 2  Nick Phoenix00:01:17
15Eternal Conflict orc  Nick Phoenix00:01:14
16Vast Conspiracy  Nick Phoenix00:01:39
17Wind Queen  Thomas Bergersen00:02:24
18Child's Play  Thomas Bergersen00:01:46
19Department Of Deception  Nick Phoenix00:01:29
20Path Less Travelled  Nick Phoenix00:01:47
21Path Less Travelled orc  Nick Phoenix00:01:47
22The Truth Unravels  Thomas Bergersen00:02:00
23Serbian Suns  Nick Phoenix00:01:57
24Famous Year  Nick Phoenix00:02:06
25Lost In Asia  Nick Phoenix00:01:30
26Heavenly Lights  Thomas Bergersen00:01:48
27Aftershock  Nick Phoenix00:01:39
28Aftershock orc  Nick Phoenix00:01:40
29Playing With Fire  Nick Phoenix00:01:24
30Black Flowers  Nick Phoenix00:01:59
31Black Flowers orc  Nick Phoenix00:02:01
32Dire Crisis  Nick Phoenix00:02:06
33Eternal Love