Two Steps from Heaven

Two Steps from Heaven



Release Date:
June, 2012

Total Tracks: 19

Total Lenght: 48:21

Track Title
1Reach for the Skies  Thomas Bergersen01:36
2Motherland  Thomas Bergersen01:05
3Strength of an Empire  Thomas Bergersen03:51
4Benedictus  Thomas Bergersen03:54
5Men of Honor  Thomas Bergersen03:20
6Welcome to Fantasia  Thomas Bergersen01:03
7Liberty Rising  Thomas Bergersen01:46
8Beyond the Horizon  Thomas Bergersen01:56
9Cassandra  Thomas Bergersen03:09
10Spirit of Moravia  Thomas Bergersen01:52
11Forever More  Thomas Bergersen04:53
12She's a Superhero  Thomas Bergersen01:21
13Heart  Thomas Bergersen03:00
14Into the Moonlight  Thomas Bergersen02:59
15Neptune's Secret  Thomas Bergersen02:24
16Hope  Thomas Bergersen02:32
17Men of Honor Part II  Thomas Bergersen02:20
18An Awfully Big Adventure  Thomas Bergersen01:42
19Gloria  Thomas Bergersen03:38