Twisted Beds & Drones

Twisted Beds & Drones



Release Date:

Total Tracks: 32

Total Lenght: 40:36

Track Title
1It's Just the BeginningDov Waterman01:11
2Aim At Their EyesMatthew Welch01:07
3CyberdroneDavid James Wainwright, Jode Steele00:55
4The Haunted CorridorBruno Cariou01:07
5Desert Snake PitDov Waterman00:56
6Shadows and LiesDavid James Wainwright, Jode Steele01:42
7Carbon TendrilsDov Waterman01:14
8Deep WoodlandDov Waterman01:09
9Blinding LightMatthew Welch00:58
10Psyon DriftDov Waterman01:03
11Lay It On MeAustin Noble01:02
12WarriorMatthew Welch01:12
13Room 619Bruno Cariou01:10
14I'll OmenBruno Cariou01:04
15Train of DeathMatthew Welch01:16
16ExecutionerJames Davies01:36
17FalloutDavid James Wainwright, Jode Steele01:22
18Prepared for AnythingAustin Noble01:06
19Twisted MindMatthew Welch01:01
20Next Stop BedlamBruno Cariou01:05
21Event HorizonAustin Noble01:01
22Not NaturalAustin Noble01:02
23Lost ContactJames Davies01:49
24In DarknessDov Waterman01:17
25BrownstoneJames Davies01:58
26Tension GrowsJames Davies01:30
27Devil SeedJames Davies01:40
28The TwistedJames Davies01:37
29Evil LynJames Davies01:22
30Eastern PromiseJames Davies01:21
31Night CrawlerJames Davies01:16
32Dark PresenceJames Davies01:27