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Trailer Weapons: Rises :: Trailer Music Info

Trailer Weapons: Rises

Trailer Weapons: Rises




Release Date:
October, 2012

Total Tracks: 95

Total Lenght: 55:59

Track Title
1Adamantium Bullet (Rise Long)Nick Murray00:13
2Adamantium Bullet (Rise Short)Nick Murray00:07
3BacklashNick Murray00:19
4Boiling PointNick Murray00:32
5Boiling Point (No Grinding)Nick Murray00:25
6Boiling Point (Grinding Only)Nick Murray00:32
7CyclotronNick Murray00:22
8Cyclotron (Dark)Nick Murray00:22
9Cyclotron (Raw)Nick Murray00:22
10Distortion (Addiction)Nick Murray00:14
11Distortion (Addiction Raw)Nick Murray00:13
12Excessive WrathNick Murray00:32
13Glitch FactorNick Murray00:23
14Gothic StormNick Murray00:12
15Gothic Storm (No Choir)Nick Murray00:10
16Gothic Storm (Choir Only)Nick Murray00:12
17GrinderNick Murray00:14
18High Rise DownNick Murray00:19
19High Rise Down (Orchesta Only)Nick Murray00:19
20High Rise UpNick Murray00:19
21Jet EngineNick Murray00:25
22Lift OffNick Murray00:25
23Lift Off (Raw)Nick Murray00:25
24Low RiseNick Murray00:24
25Low Rise (No Midi)Nick Murray00:24
26Orchestra From HellNick Murray00:11
27Particle AcceleratorNick Murray00:21
28Pulse DangerNick Murray00:21
29Pulse Danger (No Pulse)Nick Murray00:12
30RectifierNick Murray00:17
31Relentless AscentNick Murray00:26
32Renewed Vengeance (Up Rise)Nick Murray00:13
33Renewed Vengeance (Down Rise)Nick Murray00:13
34Terminal SurgeNick Murray00:24
35Terminal Surge (No Oscillator)Nick Murray00:24
36Unearthly EmergenceNick Murray00:33
37Zero DownNick Murray00:21
38Zero Down (Low)Nick Murray00:21
39Zero Down (Mechanical)Nick Murray00:21
40Adamantium BulletNick Murray00:45
41Adamantium Bullet (No Rise)Nick Murray00:45
42AntiheroNick Murray00:55
43Antihero (No Rise)Nick Murray00:55
44Brick WallNick Murray00:45
45Brick Wall (No Rise)Nick Murray00:45
46DrumcorpsNick Murray00:29
47Drumcorps (Down Rise)Nick Murray00:29
48Drumcorps (No Rise)Nick Murray00:29
49OutrageNick Murray01:09
50Outrage (No Rise)Nick Murray01:09
51Plan of AttackNick Murray00:51
52Plan of Attack (No Rise)Nick Murray00:51
53Recon MissionNick Murray00:42
54Recon Mission (No Rise)Nick Murray00:42
55Renewed VengeanceNick Murray00:51
56Renewed Vengeance (Down Rise)Nick Murray00:51
57Renewed Vengeance (No Rise)Nick Murray00:51
58Sense of DestructionNick Murray00:51
59Sense of Destruction (No Rise)Nick Murray00:51
60The Darkest HourNick Murray00:36
61The Darkest Hour (No Rise)Nick Murray00:36
62Dead On ArrivalNick Murray00:28
63Dead On Arrival (Down Rise)Nick Murray00:28
64DeconstructedNick Murray00:19
65Evil SidekickNick Murray00:44
66Gears of DeathNick Murray00:31
67Gears of Death (Down Rise)Nick Murray00:31
68Machine WarsNick Murray00:34
69Machine Wars (Down Rise)Nick Murray00:34
70MechanoidNick Murray00:27
71Ministry of DarknessNick Murray00:31
72Obstruction of JusticeNick Murray00:24
73Obstruction of Justice (No Choir)Nick Murray00:24
74Point BlankNick Murray01:10
75Point Blank (Down Rise)Nick Murray01:10
76Prozac BuzzNick Murray00:46
77Prozac Buzz (Down Rise)Nick Murray00:46
78Game of ThronesNick Murray01:01
79Game of Thrones (No Choir)Nick Murray01:01
80Ghost ProtocolNick Murray01:01
81Ghost Protocol (No Choir)Nick Murray01:01
82Great EscapeNick Murray01:00
83Jungle RompNick Murray00:38
84Jungle Romp (No Vox)Nick Murray00:38
85Jungle Romp (Drums Only)Nick Murray00:38
86Mass EffectNick Murray01:08
87PropagandaNick Murray00:36
88Propaganda (No Brass)Nick Murray00:36
89Rise of GiantsNick Murray01:00
90Rise of Giants (No Choir)Nick Murray01:00
91Secret GuardiansNick Murray00:53
92Secret Guardians (No Choir)Nick Murray00:53
93SupernaturalNick Murray00:53
94Supernatural (No Choir)Nick Murray00:53
95The Last AvengerNick Murray01:12