Trailer Backends 2

Trailer Backends 2



Release Date:

Total Tracks: 43

Total Lenght: 1:07:23

Track Title
1In The Name Of HonorDaniel Cossu, Jonathan Cossu03:07
2From The AshesDaniel Cossu, Jonathan Cossu02:10
3From The Ashes (No Drums)Daniel Cossu, Jonathan Cossu02:10
4Defending The KingdomDaniel Cossu, Jonathan Cossu02:36
5Defending The Kingdom (No Choir)Daniel Cossu, Jonathan Cossu02:36
6JackpotDaniel Cossu, Jonathan Cossu01:39
7Jackpot (Orchestra Only)Daniel Cossu, Jonathan Cossu01:24
8Time's UpDaniel Cossu, Jonathan Cossu01:07
9Time's UpDaniel Cossu, Jonathan Cossu01:07
10Time's Up (Percussion Only)Daniel Cossu, Jonathan Cossu01:07
11One RulerDaniel Cossu, Jonathan Cossu00:56
12One Ruler (No Choir)Daniel Cossu, Jonathan Cossu00:56
13Force MajeureDaniel Cossu, Jonathan Cossu01:23
14Force Majeure (No Brass)Daniel Cossu, Jonathan Cossu01:23
15Ancient WarriorDaniel Cossu, Jonathan Cossu01:28
16Kill Or Be KilledDaniel Cossu, Jonathan Cossu01:43
17Kill Or Be Killed (No Orchestra)Daniel Cossu, Jonathan Cossu01:43
18Kill Or Be Killed (Percussion Only)Daniel Cossu, Jonathan Cossu00:57
19SniperDaniel Cossu, Jonathan Cossu01:52
20Sniper (No Orchestra)Daniel Cossu, Jonathan Cossu01:52
21RampageDaniel Cossu, Jonathan Cossu00:40
22Rampage OverdriveDaniel Cossu, Jonathan Cossu00:35
23Fists Of SteelDaniel Cossu, Jonathan Cossu01:14
24Clash Of The MightySteve Rucker01:14
25Clash Of The Mighty (No Orchestra)Steve Rucker01:14
26Enemy TargetSteve Rucker01:30
27Prelude To CataclysmSteve Rucker01:56
28Prelude To Cataclysm (No Choir)Steve Rucker01:56
29Intrusive ActionSteve Rucker01:35
30Intrusive Action (No Orchestra)Steve Rucker01:35
31Epic AscentSteve Rucker01:33
32Unyielding ForceSteve Rucker01:57
33Unyielding Force (No Choir)Steve Rucker01:57
34Edge Of FearSteve Rucker01:53
35Edge Of Fear (No Choir)Steve Rucker01:53
36Mind GamesSteve Rucker01:00
37Manic RageSteve Rucker00:47
38Race To HellSteve Rucker00:43
39On The RunRobert Johnson01:48
40On The Run (No Choir)Robert Johnson01:48
41Save The KingRobert Johnson01:38
42Save The King (No Choir)Robert Johnson01:38
43The Last DynastyRobert Johnson02:03