Trailer Acts

Trailer Acts



Release Date:

Total Tracks: 130

Total Lenght: 3:07:52

Track Title
1Inner ProloguePaul Dinletir02:02
2Eve Of BattleKevin Rix01:18
3Mr. Holland's OpusJeff Marsh01:34
4Ancient GroundsMichael Rubino00:58
5Elm StreetKevin Rix01:06
6Unusual CircumstanceMichael Rubino01:01
7Lord Of The DrumsPaul Dinletir01:10
8Beyond FreedomPaul Dinletir01:45
9AbandonedScott Miller01:07
10Whispered TruthKevin Rix01:23
11Lonely AddictMatt Mckenna01:21
12Dead RingerKevin Rix01:04
13FreedomlandPaul Dinletir02:04
14Soul StalkerKevin Rix01:15
15Bird's Eye ViewJeff Marsh02:09
16Azure CloudsKevin Rix01:17
17DeadwoodMatt Mckenna01:45
18Mountain ThunderScott Miller01:10
19Solemn VowsPaul Dinletir01:27
20The Longest MileScott Miller01:03
21I See Dead PeopleJeff Marsh01:42
22Inconvenient TruthKevin Rix01:17
23Psych WardMichael Rubino01:06
24Home AgainJeff Marsh03:06
25Veiled DreamsKevin Rix01:19
26Crop CirclesPaul Dinletir01:17
27UnsettledPaul Dinletir01:27
28Circular ThinkingMatt Mckenna01:09
29Lost SoulsKevin Rix01:22
30Inside InformationPaul Dinletir01:01
31Cerebral BeautyPaul Dinletir01:03
32Big CountryJeff Marsh02:34
33New HorizonScott Miller01:06
34Blueprint AnalysisPaul Dinletir01:20
35Blue FireKevin Rix01:23
36The CoverupJeff Marsh01:13
37AftermathPaul Dinletir01:12
38Fragile SpiritScott Miller01:06
39The ExecutionerKevin Rix01:13
40Indecent ProposalScott Miller01:04
41Deep WinterPaul Dinletir01:07
42Lost LoveKevin Rix01:00
43Vengeful ResurrectionPaul Dinletir01:11
44Chronicles Of TimeKevin Rix01:20
45Hello, LifeScott Miller01:08
46BetrayalKevin Rix01:22
47Peace PipeJeff Marsh01:01
48Rapid Eye MovementKevin Rix01:06
4913th HourKevin Rix01:17
50UnbreakablePaul Dinletir01:25
51Intrigue OvertureJeff Marsh01:11
52Mind GamesScott Miller01:05
53NightwalkersDean Grinsfelder01:30
54Time To MournScott Miller01:07
55Wind And StoneJeff Marsh00:43
56The Music BoxJeff Marsh01:25
Track Title
1Blood RunMichael Nielsen01:21
2Kill SwitchKevin Rix01:17
3Gone ForeverKevin Rix02:08
4Gone ForeverKevin Rix02:08
5Ruff CutMichael Nielsen01:37
6A New DayJeff Marsh01:52
7Destructive JourneyPaul Dinletir01:49
8SerpentPaul Dinletir01:03
9Newfound HopeKevin Rix02:47
10The Last StandPaul Dinletir01:48
11The Last StandPaul Dinletir01:48
12Bombay MadnessPaul Dinletir01:38
13Enduring HonorDanail Getz01:45
14Hit ListMichael Nielsen01:48
15Hit ListMichael Nielsen01:47
16AssassinKevin Rix02:05
17InhumanKevin Rix00:41
18GoliathKevin Rix01:41
19Tortured PursuitKevin Rix02:18
20Beyond The HeroesPaul Dinletir02:34
21Innocence LostScott Miller01:11
22Looking Down MiamiPaul Dinletir01:28
23Final DecisionMike Rubino02:19
24Dangerous TerritoryScott Miller01:10
25Those Without FearPaul Dinletir02:42
26Broken ConsciousnessKevin Rix01:29
27MastermindMike Rubino01:47
28Rave IndiaPaul Dinletir01:30
29Concerto FlautistJeff Marsh02:23
30Guarded EntryMike Rubino01:23
31Stealth BomberJeff Marsh01:27
32Enchanted SoulsPaul Dinletir01:05
33Dry SeasonScott Miller01:15
34Inevitable DiscoveryPaul Dinletir02:45
35Control FreakScott Miller01:13
36Black FlowerScott Miller01:07
Track Title
1Hammer Of The GodsMichael Nielsen01:26
2Hammer Of The GodsMichael Nielsen01:10
3Massive AttackPaul Dinletir02:05
4Massive AttackPaul Dinletir02:05
5Call To ArmsJeff Marsh01:40
6PredatorJeff Marsh01:47
7PredatorKevin Rix01:47
8War ZoneMichael Nielsen01:21
9Bad BloodMichael Nielsen01:05
10Bad BloodMichael Nielsen00:54
11High StakesKevin Rix01:32
12No PrisonersPaul Dinletir01:03
13Blackhawk MissionKevin Rix01:17
14CommandoPaul Dinletir01:04
15Freedom FightersKevin Rix01:27
16Rebel PursuitMike Rubino01:37
17Code 9Kevin Rix01:02
18Code 9Kevin Rix01:02
19DetonationKevin Rix00:53
20DetonationKevin Rix00:53
21Manchurian SoldiersKen Berry01:20
22ShakedownKen Berry01:13
23Triple ThreatPaul Dinletir01:16
24EspionageKevin Rix01:09
25FirewalkerKevin Rix00:24
26Out Of TimePaul Dinletir02:11
27Out Of TimePaul Dinletir02:10
28EscapedKen Berry01:20
29Rise Of The WarriorsMike Rubino01:47
30Nucleor ExposureJeff Marsh00:48
31Road RagePaul Dinletir01:40
32Scorched EarthMichael Nielsen01:33
33Scorched EarthMichael Nielsen00:51
34The HuntedMike Rubino01:11
35Speed DemonMichael Nielsen01:11
36Kingdom Of TurbulenceKevin Rix01:01
37Covert OperationsDanail Getz01:28
38The Moose Is LooseKen Berry01:03