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Tools of the Trade 2 :: Trailer Music Info

Tools of the Trade 2

Tools of the Trade 2



Release Date:

Total Tracks: 158

Total Lenght: 1:24:25

Track Title
1Chaos TheoryMichael David Nielsen00:41
2Last EmperorPaul Dinletir01:11
3Drum GodsKevin Rix00:49
4LazarusPaul Dinletir00:46
5Hip-Hop Vs OrchestraPaul Dinletir01:25
6Death RacePaul Dinletir00:58
7Gnarly DrumsPaul Dinletir00:33
8Alien Vs PredatorKevin Rix00:52
9Flesh And BloodPaul Dinletir00:58
10The Bone CollectorPaul Dinletir01:25
11DelphiansPaul Dinletir00:43
12Red ArmyKevin Rix00:55
13InsurrectionPaul Dinletir00:47
14Escape HatchMichael Rubino00:55
15Inner RageKen Berry01:12
16EncroachmentPaul Dinletir00:53
17Mortal EnemiesMichael David Nielsen00:57
18DoomMichael David Nielsen00:40
19Desert StormPaul Dinletir00:56
20Uruk-HaiKevin Rix00:43
21LockdownMichael Rubino01:00
22TorchedKevin Rix00:57
23Pure BloodPaul Dinletir00:45
24ChopperMichael David Nielsen00:35
25In Your FacePaul Dinletir00:41
26LeatherfaceKen Berry00:59
27Bushido BladeMichael David Nielsen01:23
28Enter The ArenaMichael David Nielsen00:59
29Tribal CityPaul Dinletir01:02
30Evil DeliveryPaul Dinletir01:11
31The UndeadKevin Rix01:30
32Atrocious BroodPaul Dinletir01:02
33The ThingKevin Rix01:23
34Ghost In The MachinePaul Dinletir01:30
35Chain SawJeff Marsh01:13
36Below The SurfaceMichael Rubino00:57
37IsangomaPaul Dinletir01:08
38Darkest AngelsPaul Dinletir00:54
39BiomechanicsPaul Dinletir00:58
40VenomJeff Marsh01:06
41Sensory DeprivationKevin Rix01:08
42Drill PressJeff Marsh01:10
43Cold SweatKevin Rix01:20
44Natural Born KillersPaul Dinletir01:27
45The Sixth DayKevin Rix01:22
46Immortal SoulsPaul Dinletir01:30
47Year Of The JackalKevin Rix01:20
48Year Of The JackalKevin Rix01:20
49Vice GripsJeff Marsh01:34
50Clobber ClubPaul Dinletir00:47
51The Bottom EndPaul Dinletir01:27
52The Bottom EndPaul Dinletir01:03
53The Bottom EndPaul Dinletir01:26
54ExperimentsKevin Rix01:17
55Slow DeathPaul Dinletir01:12
56Bad FrequenciesMichael Rubino01:18
57Cursed ExistenceKevin Rix01:02
58Dawn Of The DeadPaul Dinletir01:09
59Deeper EndPaul Dinletir01:27
60Swollen StarsPaul Dinletir00:41
61Night ShiversKevin Rix01:18
62The OnePaul Dinletir00:24
63Strings Of FuryKevin Rix00:19
64End ItPaul Dinletir00:12
65FeverKevin Rix00:18
66EntityKevin Rix00:19
67Power Of NowPaul Dinletir00:15
68Dr. QKevin Rix00:20
69Hate MailKevin Rix00:31
70Movin On UpPaul Dinletir00:21
71Just The String 1Paul Dinletir00:28
72Just The String 2Paul Dinletir00:17
73Just The ChoirPaul Dinletir00:16
74Bone FragmentsKevin Rix00:19
75Bottoms UpPaul Dinletir00:27
76Acid Rain CloudKevin Rix00:22
77Skull BusterPaul Dinletir00:15
78Space ChoirKevin Rix00:30
79The EmptyKevin Rix00:28
80Photone Has LandedKevin Rix00:21
81Brass BallsKevin Rix00:18
Track Title
1Broken SkullKevin Rix00:07
2Buffalo WingsKevin Rix00:13
3RevengefulPaul Dinletir00:09
4GoblinsKevin Rix00:10
5Hurry UpKevin Rix00:09
6Jambient HugeKevin Rix00:10
7PizzoidKevin Rix00:08
8TrangressionPaul Dinletir00:07
9Prancing ThorKevin Rix00:09
10ViolationPaul Dinletir00:12
11Scared To DeathKevin Rix00:13
12Shock The MonkeyKevin Rix00:09
13Coliseum AngerPaul Dinletir00:11
14Animal LustPaul Dinletir00:16
15DaemonPaul Dinletir00:15
16HorrifyPaul Dinletir00:10
17RelicPaul Dinletir00:14
18ShebangPaul Dinletir00:10
19BreachPaul Dinletir00:10
20SpookPaul Dinletir00:08
21Breath AttackPaul Dinletir00:12
22StrikefestPaul Dinletir00:06
23Angry AlienPaul Dinletir00:15
24GodzillaKevin Rix00:09
25Rumble FishKevin Rix00:06
26NumbKevin Rix00:08
27JunkieKevin Rix00:07
28Low Ass HitPaul Dinletir00:08
29Real SuperhitPaul Dinletir00:08
30Big BrickKevin Rix00:10
31Smack ThisKevin Rix00:07
32LividPaul Dinletir00:08
33Stay AwayKevin Rix00:11
34Thunder MountainKevin Rix00:15
35ShizamPaul Dinletir00:09
36Thump BumbPaul Dinletir00:06
37IntoxicatedPaul Dinletir00:08
38Below The CavernPaul Dinletir00:07
39Big TimePaul Dinletir00:08
40RockyPaul Dinletir00:08
41AdriannePaul Dinletir00:14
42DraconianPaul Dinletir00:09
43BooyaaPaul Dinletir00:07
44Rock MePaul Dinletir00:07
45On The KrackPaul Dinletir00:13
46Monster SlappPaul Dinletir00:08
47Bang Me UpPaul Dinletir00:07
48WackedPaul Dinletir00:09
49MegatonKevin Rix00:08
50Scratchy ThroatPaul Dinletir00:08
51Cluster Hit 1Paul Dinletir00:07
52Cluster Hit 1 StringsPaul Dinletir00:08
53Cluster Hit 1 BrassPaul Dinletir00:07
54Cluster Hit 2Paul Dinletir00:07
55Cluster Hit 2 StringsPaul Dinletir00:08
56Cluster Hit 2 BrassPaul Dinletir00:07
57Cluster Hit 3Paul Dinletir00:08
58Cluster Hit 3 StringsPaul Dinletir00:08
59Cluster Hit 3 BrassPaul Dinletir00:08
60Cluster Hit 4Paul Dinletir00:08
61Cluster Hit 4 StringsPaul Dinletir00:08
62Cluster Hit 4 BrassPaul Dinletir00:09
63Colegno HitPaul Dinletir00:07
64CrescendoPaul Dinletir00:10
65Crescendo StringsPaul Dinletir00:09
66Crescendo BrassPaul Dinletir00:10
67Gliss DownPaul Dinletir00:07
68Gliss UpPaul Dinletir00:08
69Low String HitPaul Dinletir00:07
70Orch StingerPaul Dinletir00:08
71String StingerPaul Dinletir00:08
72Brass StingerPaul Dinletir00:08
73Screachy RisePaul Dinletir00:12
74String Hit 1Paul Dinletir00:06
75String Hit 2Paul Dinletir00:07
76Suspense Strings 1Paul Dinletir00:10
77Suspense Strings 2Paul Dinletir00:09