The Story

Track Title
1Gossamer FieldsLila Senior02:55
2Reunion SceneKenneth LaFave02:13
3AuroraLila Senior02:57
4Saying GoodbyeFrank Pels01:53
5Shining ThroughAustin Noble02:24
6Earth OneChristopher James Harvey02:35
7Cloudy SkyMaiko Ishii03:04
8Down To The SeaFrederic Dubois02:07
9Piano RoseChristopher James Harvey01:01
10Altruism Is UselessMarianthe Bezzerides01:31
11IsolationGareth Salmon02:14
12WandererAnnette Golden02:17
13Music Box Dark WonderChristopher James Harvey01:38
14The Hour GlassGareth Salmon01:56
15Contemplating The BeastMarianthe Bezzerides02:08
16Glass NotesEmmett Cooke01:32
17Obscure FootprintsMarco Facchin01:55
18Visiting The PastAustin Noble01:38
19Dwell WithinRolf Meyer02:13
20The Last DanceAnthony William David Flynn01:36