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The Lighter Side :: Trailer Music Info

The Lighter Side

The Lighter Side



Release Date:

Total Tracks: 38

Total Lenght: 40:53

Track Title
1UkamamboJeff Edwards01:23
2Funny PizzaPaul Dinletir00:57
3Funny PizzaPaul Dinletir00:56
4SkapunkaKenny Meriedeth00:34
5Disco StewKenny Meriedeth00:33
6DixielooKenny Meriedeth00:55
7LaughalottaPaul Dinletir , Kevin Rix01:08
8GoofballsJeff Edwards01:23
9Treasure HuntPaul Dinletir00:36
10Polyester ShuffleKenny Meriedeth00:40
11Club SalsaEllis Hall00:59
12Skruggy HillbillysKenny Meriedeth01:05
13BabalooEllis Hall00:42
14Get ShortyKevin Rix01:10
15Shake ItKenny Meriedeth, Sean Holland00:46
16Shake ItKenny Meriedeth00:46
17U KrazyPaul Dinletir01:16
18Who's Your DaddyEllis Hall01:22
19Denny CranePaul Dinletir00:50
20Denny CranePaul Dinletir00:50
21Double DownKevin Rix01:07
22Detroit LeanKenny Meriedeth00:33
23Big Ass JourneyPaul Dinletir00:59
24Flowing MotionEllis Hall00:36
25Whiskey HighwayKenny Meriedeth00:52
26Arena ClapKevin Rix01:18
27Big StepsKevin Rix01:27
28Dirty BettyMatt Mckenna01:39
29Last Man OutKevin Rix01:37
30Motor 54Matt Mckenna01:18
31Late To The ShowKenny Meriedeth01:03
32Smack AttackMatt Mckenna01:12
33Hose It DownKenny Meriedeth00:34
34Out Of SchoolMatt Mckenna01:13
35Point BreakKevin Rix01:15
36The First TimeKevin Rix01:22
37The Long RoadKevin Rix01:59
38Just Can't WaitKenny Meriedeth01:58