The Devil Wears Nada

The Devil Wears Nada



Release Date:
March 12, 2009

Total Tracks: 34

Total Lenght: 59:31

Track Title
1After The Fall (No Voice)Nick Phoenix02:27
2After The FallNick Phoenix02:26
3American Soldier (No Perc Intro)Thomas Bergersen01:10
4American SoldierThomas Bergersen01:09
5Baron Von ScheissenhausenNick Phoenix01:06
6Broommaker's AssistantThomas Bergersen02:22
7Clock Tower ParadeThomas Bergersen02:55
8Election DazeNick Phoenix01:51
9Foggy BeginningsNick Phoenix01:30
10Follow That KidThomas Bergersen02:06
11I Smell A RatNick Phoenix01:13
12Leaping LuciferNick Phoenix01:00
13Levitating LilimongersThomas Bergersen01:28
14Liar Liar Pants on FireThomas Bergersen00:46
15Little BenNick Phoenix03:46
16Love DoctorThomas Bergersen01:47
17Midtown MayhemNick Phoenix01:27
18Monkey BusinessThomas Bergersen02:37
19My Little Friend MaxThomas Bergersen01:40
20Professor Pumplestickle (No Band)Thomas Bergersen01:51
21Professor PumplestickleThomas Bergersen01:52
22Say YesThomas Bergersen01:46
23Secret PlacesNick Phoenix01:42
24Sky BrigadeThomas Bergersen01:34
25SmirnoffThomas Bergersen01:04
26SunriseThomas Bergersen01:00
27The WhistleblowerThomas Bergersen02:02
28To The TowerThomas Bergersen01:18
29Toys Come AliveThomas Bergersen02:07
30VenezuelaNick Phoenix01:18
31Waltz of the WillowsThomas Bergersen01:59
32We Can Fly (With Bells)Thomas Bergersen01:28
33We Can FlyThomas Bergersen01:28
34Will We Ever Meet AgainThomas Bergersen02:16