The Dark Side

The Dark Side



Release Date:

Total Tracks: 36

Total Lenght: 1:17:13

Track Title
1VendettaNick Murray01:57
2Gears of WarNick Murray01:20
3Ancient HunterBrady Ellis02:24
4No Way OutNick Murray02:12
5Black DawnNick Murray02:18
6Mammouth CrusherBrady Ellis02:29
7DeceptionNick Murray02:27
8Fire JumperBrady Ellis02:10
9CrankNick Murray02:09
10Dark NebulaBrady Ellis02:16
11InflictionNick Murray01:22
12Night SweatsBrady Ellis02:13
13Machine EaterBrady Ellis02:24
14Shock and AweNick Murray01:45
15Dark RequiemNick Murray01:56
16Adrenaline StormBrady Ellis02:07
17Shangri LawlessBrady Ellis02:12
18Shadow SpecterBrady Ellis02:22
19Dark PressureBrady Ellis02:26
20WartornNick Murray01:29
21Curcuit RipperBrady Ellis02:13
22Sonic SpeculumBrady Ellis02:20
23Damnunition (No Vox)Brady Ellis02:21
24Black Dawn (No Vox)Nick Murray02:18
25Fire Jumper (No Strings)Brady Ellis02:10
26Crank (No Strings)Nick Murray02:09
27Night Sweats (No Strings)Brady Ellis02:13
28Dark Requiem (No Vox)Nick Murray01:56
29Dark Requiem (No Strings Vox)Nick Murray01:57
30Shadow Specter (No Vox)Brady Ellis02:21
31Shadow Specter (No Strings Vox)Brady Ellis02:21
32Dark Pressure (No Vox)Brady Ellis02:26
33Wartorn (No Vox)Nick Murray01:29
34Sonic Speculum (No Strings Vox)Brady Ellis02:20
35Sonic Speculum (No Vox)Brady Ellis02:20
36Damnunition (No Strings Vox)Brady Ellis02:21