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Shadows And Nightmares :: Trailer Music Info

Shadows And Nightmares

Shadows And Nightmares



Release Date:
September 16, 2006

Total Tracks: 100

Total Lenght: 1:21:38

Track Title
1Doomsday (Choir)Two Steps From Hell01:07
2Doomsday (No Choir)Two Steps From Hell01:07
3Doomsday (Hits Only)Two Steps From Hell01:07
4She Rises (Choir)Two Steps From Hell01:23
5She Rises (No Choir)Two Steps From Hell01:23
6Ritual of Resurrection (Choir)Two Steps From Hell00:40
7Ritual of Resurrection (No Choir)Two Steps From Hell00:40
8Ritual of Resurrection (First Hit Only)Two Steps From Hell00:40
9Nocturnal Prey (Choir)Two Steps From Hell00:52
10Nocturnal Prey (No Choir)Two Steps From Hell00:52
11Evil! (Part 1) (Choir)Two Steps From Hell01:08
12Evil! (Part 2) (Choir)Two Steps From Hell00:51
13Evil! (Part 1) (No Choir)Two Steps From Hell01:08
14Evil! (Part 2) (No Choir)Two Steps From Hell00:51
15Ghost TownTwo Steps From Hell01:05
16Ghostly Presence (Choir)Two Steps From Hell01:01
17Ghostly Presence (No Choir)Two Steps From Hell01:01
18Demonic Procession (Choir)Two Steps From Hell00:48
19Demonic Procession (No Choir)Two Steps From Hell00:48
20Come What May (No Percussion)Two Steps From Hell01:06
21Come What MayTwo Steps From Hell01:09
22Betrayed (Choir)Two Steps From Hell00:50
23Betrayed (No Choir)Two Steps From Hell00:50
24Face of Dhomor Devah (Choir)Two Steps From Hell01:21
25Face of Dhomor Devah (No Choir)Two Steps From Hell01:21
26Tick Tock Goes the ClockTwo Steps From Hell00:57
27Awakening the Beast (Choir)Two Steps From Hell01:16
28Awakening the Beast (No Choir)Two Steps From Hell01:13
29Inhuman Growth (Choir)Two Steps From Hell01:07
30Inhuman Growth (No Choir)Two Steps From Hell01:07
31Mountains of MadnessTwo Steps From Hell00:42
32Etergheros Charghela (Sacrificium) (Choir)Two Steps From Hell01:00
33Etergheros Charghela (Sacrificium) (No Choir)Two Steps From Hell00:56
34Bottomless Pit of Torment (Choir)Two Steps From Hell00:22
35Bottomless Pit of Torment (No Choir)Two Steps From Hell00:22
36Eyes Wide Open (Choir)Two Steps From Hell00:30
37Eyes Wide Open (No Choir)Two Steps From Hell00:30
38Loch NessTwo Steps From Hell00:59
39Discovery of Land (Choir)Two Steps From Hell01:07
40Discovery of Land (No Choir)Two Steps From Hell00:54
4120000 Tons of TNT (Choir)Two Steps From Hell00:28
4220000 Tons of TNT (No Choir)Two Steps From Hell00:28
43The Return of Life (Choir)Two Steps From Hell01:07
44The Return of Life (No Choir)Two Steps From Hell01:07
45Approaching Tsunami (Choir)Two Steps From Hell00:31
46Approaching Tsunami (No Choir)Two Steps From Hell00:31
47Unholy Requiem (Choir)Two Steps From Hell00:57
48Unholy Requiem (No Choir)Two Steps From Hell01:01
49SuperFX (Hit + Rise) - IgnitionTwo Steps From Hell00:09
50SuperFX (Hit + Static) - System FailureTwo Steps From Hell00:17
51SuperFX (Static + Pounding) - Toxic AirTwo Steps From Hell00:12
52SuperFX (Static + Rise) - Alien EncounterTwo Steps From Hell00:19
53SuperFX (Static) - Fear Factor 100Two Steps From Hell00:15
54SuperFX (Static) - Paralyzed by FearTwo Steps From Hell00:14
55SuperFX (Rise) - Crawling InvasionTwo Steps From Hell00:13
56SuperFX (Rise) - Gateway to OblivionTwo Steps From Hell00:17
57SuperFX (Rise) - Hide & SeekTwo Steps From Hell00:13
58SuperFX (Rise) - Jungle SwarmTwo Steps From Hell00:16
59SuperFX (Hit) Orchestra Hit ITwo Steps From Hell00:14
60SuperFX (Hit) Orchestra Hit IITwo Steps From Hell00:03
61SuperFX (Hit) Orchestra Hit IIITwo Steps From Hell00:03
62SuperFX (Hit) Orchestra Hit IVTwo Steps From Hell00:04
63SuperFX (Hit) Orchestra Hit VTwo Steps From Hell00:03
64SuperFX (Hit) Orchestra Hit VITwo Steps From Hell00:04
65SuperFX (Hit) Orchestra Hit VIITwo Steps From Hell00:04
66SuperFX (Hit) Orchestra Hit VIIITwo Steps From Hell00:04
67SuperFX (Hit) Orchestra Hit IXTwo Steps From Hell00:04
68SuperFX (Hit) Orchestra Hit XTwo Steps From Hell00:07
69SuperFX (Hit) Orchestra Hit XITwo Steps From Hell00:04
70SuperFX (Hit) Orchestra Hit XIITwo Steps From Hell00:13
71SuperFX (Hit) Orchestra Hit XIIITwo Steps From Hell00:13
72[Bonus Track] Cemetery Waltz - (Choir)Two Steps From Hell01:09
73[Bonus Track] Cemetery Waltz - (No Choir)Two Steps From Hell01:09
Track Title
12000 LeaguesTwo Steps From Hell01:21
2Crisis Gone BadTwo Steps From Hell00:52
3Death Grip 2Two Steps From Hell00:35
4Death GripTwo Steps From Hell00:38
5DeathlookTwo Steps From Hell00:51
6Demon ChildTwo Steps From Hell01:09
7Empire of the MindTwo Steps From Hell01:31
8EvacTwo Steps From Hell00:46
9Extreme CrisisTwo Steps From Hell01:22
10ForbiddenTwo Steps From Hell00:58
11Found at the LakeTwo Steps From Hell01:24
12Hammer of DoomTwo Steps From Hell00:52
13HeartpounderTwo Steps From Hell01:36
14InfinityTwo Steps From Hell01:09
15JustificationTwo Steps From Hell01:13
16Lord of DeathTwo Steps From Hell01:27
17Messages Across TimeTwo Steps From Hell01:21
18OverheatedTwo Steps From Hell01:20
19Possessed VillageTwo Steps From Hell01:05
20Precinct BreachTwo Steps From Hell01:09
21Recon J74Two Steps From Hell01:10
22Rising DarknessTwo Steps From Hell01:51
23Satellite PhotosTwo Steps From Hell01:11
24SmartbombTwo Steps From Hell00:58
25SurveilanceTwo Steps From Hell00:55
26The Last 100Two Steps From Hell01:00
27Undead ChamberTwo Steps From Hell01:30