Power of Darkness

Power of Darkness



Release Date:
March 10, 2010

Total Tracks: 32

Total Lenght: 1:24:42

Track Title
1Power of Darkness  Thomas Bergersen02:50
2Fire Nation  Nick Phoenix02:59
3Black Blade  Thomas Bergersen03:00
4Master of Shadows  Nick Phoenix03:05
5What's Happening To Me  Thomas Bergersen03:09
6Atlas  Thomas Bergersen02:34
7Earth Rising  Thomas Bergersen03:21
8The Soul That Must Awaken  Nick Phoenix03:18
9Eternal Honor  Nick Phoenix02:15
10Gravitation  Thomas Bergersen01:55
11Bed of Nails  Nick Phoenix01:34
12Invincible  Thomas Bergersen02:51
13The Ancients  Nick Phoenix02:55
14Dark Harbor  Nick Phoenix03:15
15Jump!  Thomas Bergersen04:36
16The Cross of Antiquan  Nick Phoenix02:28
17Ten Feet Tall  Nick Phoenix01:59
18Ironwing  Nick Phoenix02:37
Track Title
1Fight The Machine  Nick Phoenix02:04
2Ironheart  Thomas Bergersen03:02
3Velocitron  Nick Phoenix02:32
4Titan Dune  Thomas Bergersen02:10
5Argovia  Nick Phoenix02:27
6He Who Brings The Night  Thomas Bergersen03:09
7Norwegian Pirate  Thomas Bergersen02:59
8Decimator  Thomas Bergersen01:54
9Kronos  Nick Phoenix02:28
10Magnan Imus  Nick Phoenix02:46
11Freefall  Thomas Bergersen02:04
12Clockmen  Nick Phoenix02:03
13Ghost Brigades  Nick Phoenix02:33
1472 Virgins  Thomas Bergersen01:50