Track Title
1One Man ArmyDaniel Walter01:54
2The Revenge Of Pegadog OrchestralAssaf Rinde 02:04
3The Revenge Of PegadogAssaf Rinde 02:04
4Save The DayMichael Rubino01:07
5The Lost Gateway OrchestralAlistair Cooper01:36
6The Lost GatewayAlistair Cooper01:37
7Down The Rabbit HoleDaniel Walter02:10
8Adventure Man No VoxMichael Rubino01:16
9Adventure ManMichael Rubino01:16
10All Systems Go No VoxInon Zur01:42
11All Systems GoInon Zur01:42
12To The RescueMichael Rubino00:51
13AndromedaGuillermo Guareschi01:17
14SpellboundMichael Rubino01:31
15Follow The CluesMichael Rubino01:21
16Sneaking InMichael Rubino00:30
17Sneaking In W/harpsichordMichael Rubino00:30
18JinxedMichael Rubino01:11
19Just In TimeDaniel Walter01:28
20Come Out And PlayLior Rosner01:29
21Mischievous TricksLior Rosner01:34
22Case Of The HerpesAlistair Cooper01:15
23Case Of The Herpes DrumsAlistair Cooper01:15
24Just In Time DrumsDaniel Walter01:07
25Victory Cup DrumsMichael Rubino01:19
26One Man Army DrumsDaniel Walter01:54
27The Lost Gateway DrumsAlistair Cooper01:34
28Andromeda DrumsGuillermo Guareschi01:17
29Adventure Man DrumsMichael Rubino01:12
30Worlds Apart DrumsMichael Rubino01:28
31Victory CupMichael Rubino01:19
32Worlds Apart No VoxMichael Rubino01:34
33Worlds ApartMichael Rubino01:35
34Eagle's Wings No VoxInon Zur02:03
35Eagle's WingsInon Zur02:02
36Raise The Cup No VoxGuillermo Guareschi01:27
37Raise The CupGuillermo Guareschi01:27
38Retake The FieldMichael Rubino01:15
39Up And AwayJim Crew01:43
40Winning SpiritMichael Rubino01:45
41Castle In The Sky No VoxInon Zur01:40
42Castle In The SkyInon Zur01:40
43Sense Of Wonder Less MalletsDaniel Walter01:17
44Sense Of WonderDaniel Walter01:17
45Second Star To The RightAssaf Rinde01:51
46Witchcraft And Wizardry No VoxGregg Lehrman, Boris Nonte01:29
47Witchcraft And WizardryGregg Lehrman, Boris Nonte01:29
48Enchanted No VoxInon Zur01:43
49EnchantedInon Zur01:43
50Midnight TollInon Zur01:05
51Unveiled No VoxMichael Rubino00:48
52UnveiledMichael Rubino00:48
53The New Frontier No VoxJim Crew00:28
54The New FrontierJim Crew00:29
55Wondrous Passage No VoxJim Crew00:30
56Wondrous PassageJim Crew00:30